Saturday, May 19, 2007

Newly Married
Mr. & Mrs. Sexy

Um, er, congratulations? Bad arse singer Amy Winehouse married her fiance of one month, Black Fielder-Civil, yesterday (Friday) in Miami.

The couple has been hanging out at the Shore Club in South Beach and I must say - they looked smashing poolside. Eww.

The picture below left is of Winehouse in 2003 and this weekend. Quite the drastic change. Still want her to get help...she deserves to be well...and I selfishly want to keep hearing her musical genious.


Anonymous said...

She needs to lose the fake bouffant hair thing...

Other than that; she's really pretty

Anonymous said...

She's pretty without all the make-up but her body looks sickly. She is far from healthy.

Anonymous said...

i hate to be mean, but girl needs to eat. she looks gross and unhealthy.