Saturday, March 31, 2007

Love? or Like? for Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has LA - and bloggers ;) - talking about her date with a "mystery man" Monday night.

"Extra" reported that Aniston ate with the unidentified fellow at Il Sole on the Sunset Strip. Page Six is reporting the dude was Hollywood producer Ryan Kavanaugh.

"The two were looking very cozy at a table near Courteney Cox and David Arquette, and Aniston reportedly snuck out the back door upon leaving the restaurant. Reps for Aniston did not return calls."

Britney's Rehab Tennis Partner Comes Forward

Remember these pics of Britney Spears playing tennis in rehab? Apparently the guy is ready to milk the experience...

Musician Howie Day's publicist wrote to Page Six to tell that he was the guy playing tennis with Brit at Promises rehab center.

"Day is evidently being treated at the facility, and his rep informed us, 'He is promising to finish his next album when he emerges.' "

Lohan Continues Her Nightclub Love Affair


The pic of her wearing black/white is from Thursday night at Teddy's (who carries a huge bag like that to a nightclub?!) and the pics in red are from Friday night. She acts like the world would end if she didn't hit the nightclub circuit. Oi.

I couldn't bring myself to post 30 pictures of her at nightclubs - any more than I can do it on Parisite Hilton.

Breaking News: Pamela Anderson Not In Heels!

I am completely shocked to see Pamela NOT in ginormous stripper heels but in ballet flats. SHOCKING! I started thinking her feet were allergic to anything but the stripper heels.

Oh, and me thinks she's hiding her face behind the shoe box because she hates these comparisons. But hey, the stars have the money so we get to ooo-&-awww over the differences in them with/without make-up. They definitely get the better end of the deal!

Britney Continues Her Quest For Privacy. NOT.

Our favorite lip-synching, loser loving, head shaving, pop star hit the Staples Center to watch the Lakers play Friday Night (March 30).

I give Brit credit: She looks like she's feeling a whole lot better...and cleaner. The wig is nicer, her make-up looks fresh and her body is clothed. But why'd she change lipsticks during the night? The pale pink lips were much better than the hooker color she donned later...hooker lipstick has its place and time...last night was not it.

Now, the bad: 1) Those hideous fake Parisite blue contacts must go. 2) Please have your pants tailored so they don't hit the floor. 3) The nails are horrendous and ghetto. That makes them horrenghetto. Who wants to be horrenghetto?

Beauty and the Beak

Looks like Kate Hudson is having a great time back in California after a deadly jelly fish scare halted filming on her latest flick, "Fool's Gold" in Queensland, Australia.

Kate and Playboy Mansion groupie Owen Wilson lunched at Ivy On the Shore in Santa Monica yesterday (Friday, March 30). Owen's another dude I consider to have a dirty penis. Dirrr-tyyyy.

Why the Sad Face Paris?

Only time for one post before I head to the soccer game...loading pics takes a long time because they're so big.

Is it the herpes? Stavros's rejection of you? Nahhhh. Gotta be that your a foolio facing jail time for violating your DUI probation right? Actually, I bet your spokesman, Elliot Mintz, told you to "be sad" for the cameras - that the courts would be kinder to you.

Well, I for one, hope you do jail time. You and all your fellow celeb foolios are not exempt from the laws. Have a great day hun!...Oh, Upchuckers, these were snapped at Teddy's Thursday night and that is Paris's spokeswhore with her - if you care.

Hey bebe, How You Doin'?

Here are the new bebe Sport ads starring Ms. Tiny-Woman-of-da-World Eva Longoria.

I'm tired and I have to go to bed because the soccer team I co-coach has our 2nd game in the morning. YEAHHHHHH! SOCCER RULES!

Did Courtney Swallow That Cig Or Does She Do Magic Now Too?

While Courtney Love continues her PDA - Public Display of (Ass)ets - in Maui, I look at these pics and wonder what the hell she did with that cigarette she was so attractively smoking in the ocean...Where'd it go? You know she dropped it in the water when she reached back and pretended to stretch...dirty girl.

That's it, I'm dialing GREENPEACE right this second.

Friday, March 30, 2007

David Didn't Want Dudes Laughing At Him

I don't think there's a pubic crab around that even likes David Beckham's new hair and it appears he's not too fond of it either.

The pic on the left is what he looked like when he and wife Robot Spice arrived at the 2007 Sport Industry Awards in London Thursday night. The pic on the right is how he appeared when he went on stage to accept an award for "Outstanding Contribution to British Sport."

Maybe Davey should consider a John T(ravolt)a style wig or extensions.

"Alex P. Keaton" Would Not Approve

Probably been a long time since you heard or thought about "Family Ties" - the classic family show starring Michael J. Fox. Me too.

Well, Brian Bonsall (25) who played little Andy Keaton for three seasons until the show was cancelled, was arrested Wednesday and remains in the Boulder County jail charged with second-degree assault and false imprisonment of his girlfriend.

Bonsall allegedly poured an alcoholic drink on his girlfriends face while she slept, put her in a choke hold and threw her onto a bed when she tried to leave. He told investigators she cut his arm with a steak knife so he pushed her down in self- defense. The girlfriend was initially taken into custody but later released.

Bonsall has a history of arrests. In 2001, he was convicted of drunken driving and his license was suspended. In 2004, he was a arrested in Boulder on suspicion of drunken driving. -- There have also been rumors of an addiction to crack.

Looks like homie fancies himself a punk rocker too...Check out Thruster's MySpace page...or not.

Hayden Loves Her Starbucks

It seems like we're always seeing Hayden Panettiere out and about so I'm going to post a random Masi Oka pic when I post Hayden because we don't see enough of Masi!

Uh, Is That Christina Ricci OR Margaret Cho On Crack?

Honestly, I don't know what to make of Christina Ricci's new 'do/don't. It seems quite severe to me. Granted, covering the 20-head is good...I've got a 4 & 1/2 head so I'm allowed to make fun of hers...Wait, did I just make myself out to be a creature?

Anyhow, Ricci hosted a party in NY for the new Samsonite luggage line...WTF kinda gig is that? One that pays I suppose.

...p.s. Both Ricci and Cho are cool in my book. No hate here.

Jessica Biel and Tina Sighting

Lots will say the pics are boring but I am totally hooked on Biel as a pet owner and I'm doubly hooked on her dog Tina after hearing Tina's story - directly from awesome Jon who rescued her. There's a link to Save Dogs in that post so be sure to check it out!

Don't forget to be courteous: pick-up your dogs poo!

A Fisher-Cohen Baby?

I am terrified to think of a little baby Borat but Isla Fisher is reportedly pregnant with fiancé Sacha Baron Cohen's baby. The picture above was taken outside of The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday, March 29...see a baby bump?

Isla was the crazy chick in "Wedding Crashers" and she reportedly chose LA pub - Cat and Fiddle - to tell her peeps the good news.

A source is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "Isla called everyone to a toast and gushed, 'We have got good news. I am pregnant.' "

Fischer/Cohen flackies aren't commenting but I read between those lines and saw they were suggesting we cut to the scene where Isla pops out a furry gonad-like baby who proceeds to say to his mama, "Whuut? I make-a poo in your bel-lyyy...Whuuta da big deal?"


Hilary & Charlize at L.A. Premier for "The Reaper" 3/29

Those better not be conflict diamonds Ms. Hilary Swank!

Both Charlize Theron and Swank look beautiful except for those FUGLY shoes Swank is wearing (they're just awful) and I DO NOT like Theron's hair...

Oh, the inner part of Theron's earrings look like bottle openers - anyone else think so? I'd love a pair if they work!

Anyone Special in Mind Carmen?

It's nice to see a celebrity checking a store receipt like the rest of us simpletons. Carmen Electra was snapped after a little shopping trip to Agent Provocateur where bras cost $85+ and thongs run $40+. Hey, if it's too delicate for the washing machine than I don't want it!

Click the "Electra" link below for past Carmen posts including pics related to her "I Want Candy" movie publicity tour.

Affleck & Garner Sans Violet

Most of the time we see Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet out and about together without hubby/father Ben Affleck.

Well we saw Ben with his girls earlier this week and now we get pics of Affleck and Garner sans Violet. Everyone says they're boring but I say it's nice to see people with a bazillion dollars living life without flash and pretense - just enjoying their lives and their daughter.

GOOD ON YA Affleck-Garner family.