Saturday, March 10, 2007

Know Pauley Perrette?

Pauley Perrette was snapped at the Rodney Bingenheimer's Walk Of Fame Ceremony. She's damn cool looking - love the "edge" and originality. You may have seen Pauley in Blade Runner ('97), Almost Famous ('00), The Ring ('02), or on any of numerous TV shows. You'll be seeing her in Satan Hate You which is currently in pre-production.

What Happened to Edward Furlong?

Remember Furlong from his roles in Terminator 2, Pet Sematary, or American History X? Dude looks mega-rough. He has a new baby but parenthood at that stage doesn't wreck you like he is wrecked. His cronies will come out and say it's for a role...whatever.

What do Demi, Pamela, Tommy Lee & Tara Reid, Have In Common?

They all sought out publicity on Friday, March 9, by going to The Ivy for some overpriced and sh*teous food. Tommy and Pamela have some cute little guys but doesn't that girl know you don't wear a lace bra with cotton shirts? Or thin shirts of any make? Ohhh, she likes it bad.

I Love Jennifer Aniston

All you haters say what you will - I think she's cute and funny. Not a cookie-cutter button-button nose-fake booby Hollywood girl...a real girl. What's with the "bubba" look on her security guard?

The night pics are of Jen arriving at her hotel March 8 and the day pics (she's wearing boots I love!) are of her leaving the hotel March 9. Click 'em to get a closer look!

Ashley Judd in Mumbai

Good to see Ms. Ashley again - especially doing important work such as attending the HIV-AIDS Campaign in Mumbai on March 10 ('07). Click the link for more information.

Depp's Daughter Home From Hospital

Thursday night, March 8, was finally the time Johnny Depp was able to take daughter Lily-Rose home from the hospital to their London hotel. Lily-Rose (7) had been hospitalized for nine days and her parents (mom is Vanessa Paradis) remained at her bedside.

The initial reports of her illness did not include any specifics, however, we later learned Lily-Rose suffered blood poisoning after stepping on a rusty nail and going untreated.

Johnny's spokesman Robin Baum said: "We are happy to report that their daughter is doing much better. The family greatly appreciates the continued support and respect of their privacy."

HOORAY for Lily-Rose and family!

Claire Forlani & Fiancee' Dougray Scott

(Dougray Scott showing us he does it "boxers" style.)

Claire is gorgeous and Dougray is so freakin' handsome. Don't you love him on Desperate Housewives?!

Claire's movie, Hallam Foe, was released in Germany last month (Feb.07) and is set for release in the UK on August 31 ('07) and in Switzerland on October 4 (07). We in the states will next see her in In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale in August (07). Yeahhhh!

Anna Nicole Smith Had a Love Child?!

This mess gets crazier and crazier by the day - I can't even believe it.

Johnny Soto, of the Tohono O'odham Native American Tribe of Arizona, says he had a 3wk love affair with Smith in early 2001 at the Paradise Valley's Sanctuary Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The result? Marshall Black Deer Soto - 5 years old.

The Phoenix New Times spoke to Mr. Soto at length for all the juicy details and Soto says that Anna had what the Native Americans call "scarlet fever" (Anglo falling for Native). He further said that she seduced him - they basically spent 3wks in bed making love and feasting on oysters, steak, fried chicken...anything she wanted. Soto also claims she smeared KFC mashed potatoes and gravy all over his manhood and licked it off - TMI DUDE! He reportedly has boxes of documents and receipts including Little Marshal's birth certificate, round-trip airfare tickets from Phoenix to Burbank, hand-written notes from Smith and more. THIS IS SO WILD!

Here are some of the better quotes:

..."Sometimes she'd wear this thick terry-cloth robe, and sometimes she was just in panties and a wife-beater. She smelled like rose petals, her whole body. Every time I got near her, I felt like I was drunk. When she brushed against me, my skin was on fire.

"Sometimes I felt like I was being used, and it left a bad taste in my mouth," says Soto. "But I was just as guilty as she was. The only whites I'd ever had sex with were prostitutes..."

"She also tried to get me to f*ck her again, in the Casino restroom while Marshall played with his toy. By this time she was so fat, she could barely fit in the stall. Ultimately, I couldn't go through with it. She kept saying she wanted me to use my 'bow and arrow' on her 'ax wound.' I told her that was no ax wound, it was the Grand Canyon!..."

Snippets from the article:
For the child's delivery in 2001, Soto persuaded Smith to fly out a tribal elder from the Tohono O'odham reservation, who smeared yellow clay on the faces of both the mother and the child in a traditional ceremony. The medicine man then fed Soto, the child, and Smith a small portion of the clay, and, as is O'odham custom, gave tiny Marshall a name that had emerged from his dream about the Smith-Soto union: "Black Deer." As mentioned above, the Indian name was listed as Marshall's middle name on the birth certificate.

...Weeks turned into a month. The 2001 February issue of Playboy featured Anna Nicole on the cover as the "$450,000,000 Playmate." And Smith noticed that her period was late. Soto never used condoms with his voluptuous mistress, trusting in the "rhythm method" of birth control that she swore by. But a home pregnancy test soon revealed that Smith was pregnant with Soto's child, and she was fearful of how Howard K. Stern might react...Smith, by then anywhere from 60 to 100 pounds overweight, continued to fly them out so that she could spend time with them on weekends. She began to develop profound post-partum depression, which she salved with drugs such as methadone, Demerol, Zoloft, and Phenergan.

CRAZINESS I TELL YOU! Wonder which attorney will run to this one...Stay tuned.

Best News of the Day: Greasy Bear Davis... still bouncing checks! Last year the greasy loser bounced a $10,000 check to sleazebag Joe "Girls Gone Wild" Davis and now TMZ is reporting the grease ball is being sued by the Atlantis resort/casino (Paradise Island, Bahamas) after a $75,000 check he wrote in January BOUNCED. BAHHHHHH! This scum makes me laugh out loud while simultaneously wanting to punch him in the face.

They should jail him in the scummiest - most violent - prison in existence. That'll teach him.

Ted Turner's a Pecker

Pulled this quote from the NY Post:

"I'm down to a little more than a billion. You can get by on that if you really economize and don't buy a lot of planes and yachts and stuff" - Ted Turner on CNBC's "High Net Worth"

Dita Von Teese = Old Hollywood Glamour

It's nice to see Dita without Marilyn Manson. She's from a totally different era and is cool to watch. Here she is at C Magazine's fashion portfolio March issue celebration (03/08/07). Kerry Washington looks good too. I bet Chris Rock dipped in some of that. Click here to learn more about Dita.

The Hat is Ridiculous Madonna
Nanny SOLD Tell-All Rights!
Madonna Guest-Starring on Nip/Tuck?

That's probably one of the ugliest hats I've ever seen in my life and that's saying a lot because I live somewhere south. The shades rock. Love Madge but hate that I've never seen her in NYC. Next time...definitely next time. These pics are of Her Madgesty in NYC Friday, March 9. My dearest Madonna is not going to be happy about this:

The NY Post is reporting former nanny, Melissa Dumas, has sold the rights to a new book about her life as Madonna's nanny in 2005-2006. CROWN Publishers plans to use a celebrity ghostwriter for "Live To Tell: My Life as Madonna's Nanny" and most think the book will be fast-tracked for release in September.

Nanny Dumas claims Madonna is a total diva and an overly strict mother (you don't sayyyy) disallowing any noise in the house when she is sleeping - "not even running water for showers." House rules were strictly enforced including no magazines or newspapers, no television, and a strict dietary regime.

Better news: Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy is said to be writing a role for Madonna and she reportedly wants to co-star with Rosie O'Donnell (Rosie has already appeared on the show several times). I don't see how she could be a fan of the show if she doesn't own a TV. How much Nip/Tuck can you watch in a hotel room? One thing is for sure - let's hope she has been taking acting classes.

Reese and Deacon

I love seeing celebs hanging with the chirrens...better than how some do Spears. Deacon is a little cutie!

Milla Jovovich Exists!

Do you remember Milla when she first hit the modeling seen at, what, 12 or 13? Wow, that was ages ago. LOVE the boots and coat. LOVE LOVE LOVE the boots.

Jenna Elfman: Thetan on Board

Momma Thetan looks ok but Scientology still weirds me out. Click here for more on Elfman or here for more Shooters premier pics.

Where's Icky Sambora Denise?

Still don't understand how someone willingly sleeps with Charlie Sheen. Dude spent a lot of money on hookers - come on - his peepee is dirty and bound to fall off.

I would sooner eat my hubby's toe jam than touch that beast. But I'm just saying...

Beyonce' in Manhattan

Manhattan March 9 - Ms. Overexposed herself was snapped filming a Samsung commercial yesterday. The red shoes are cute but they look incredibly painful - they're digging into her toes. The things we you do for fashion.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Boobs - 'Cause You Like Them
...and I like you. ; )

Men (and women) like the boooo-baaayyyyyyyysss! I'm a like me. Man or woman? Hmph, doesn't matter. You already like me - and I already like you.

You are likable, therefore, I like you. Likability is good. Striving to be liked, by cordiality, without compromising individual quality, is real. I wish this for you. Life isn't about perfection. Life is, quite simply, experience. 'Tis all there is and 'tis is all you need. Embrace it, feel it, live it...seriously...(not Sara Silverman style ya foolios ;)...

On a lighter level: Sorry, but Petra will always be extremely average to me. She has a "Karla" face - or - a "chipmunk" face and is simply, common. No mincing words. It is understood. Fifty girls just like her every 500 miles.

Salma is Preggers! *MORE PICS*

Blue pics are from Friday, March 9, and the purple dress pic is from earlier in the week. How did we miss this pregnancy?!

It was just Tuesday, March 6, that I addressed Salma Hayek doing it Ugly Betty Style and now Salma's publicist acknowledges Ms. Hayek is preggers!

Doing it old Hollywood-style, Hayek is now engaged to Francois-Henri Pinault - chairman and chief executive officer of the luxury goods company PPR SA, which owns high-end labels such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Stella McCartney.

That's my Salma! Preggers by a guy who can "keep up his end of the bargain!"