Saturday, April 7, 2007

Fergie Ferg

My girl Fergie attended the 40th anniversary party for Wilhelmina Modeling Thursday night (April 5 '07).

Jordan Shops L.A.

Personally, I find both of these kids extremely tacky and while I really don't care about her, I think she looked a lot better without the fake boobs, hair, face, etc. That's usually the case with anyone who trasforms themselves into a walking billboard for plastic surgery.

These are pics of the two shopping in L.A. on Friday.

Here are some quotes from the exemplary woman's interview with The Sun:

“Pete is fascinated by my huge boobs. He calls them my ‘gazallas’ and asks if he can touch them. But sometimes they are so sore I snap his head off. He likes to bury his head in them and for me to squash them together so he almost suffocates.”

“My sex life is brilliant this time round. Even though I’m suffering terrible back pain, Pete and I have been inventive. Pete is really fit and toned and looks incredibly sexy...We have sex in all different ways to get round my backache.”

I sure hope someone told her those shorts were too small. Come on woman - get a grip...

More quotes, these are about her post-baby surgery plans: “I’m also going to have Botox, the works. It’s what I’m looking forward to the most.”

“It will be my fourth, but I want new implants, possibly smaller, and to perk them up a bit. And if I have a new boob job they will be exclusive to Pete — nobody else will have touched them.”

Klum & Her Pool Boys

Heidi Klum is promoting her jewelry line on television shopping network QVC - and to drum up talk for her appearance, Ms. Klum ended up in a pool with some cuties.

Scripted or unscripted? She looks beautiful regardless!

Oldest Hanson Bro New Papa

Isaac Hanson on the right.

Hanson Official Press Release:

TULSA, OK (April 5, 2007)---Before you walk you have to crawl. That’s what rocker Isaac Hanson is learning after the birth of first child, son Clarke Everett Hanson, delivered by wife Nicole this past Tuesday (April 3rd). Baby Everett weighed in at a healthy 8lb 12oz at an undisclosed hospital in the brothers’ hometown of Tulsa, OK. Isaac, the oldest brother from the Grammy-nominated trio HANSON, is preparing for another delivery this summer, when the band gives birth to its new 3CG Records album, THE WALK (out in the UK on April 30).

Says proud poppa Isaac of his first child: "His birth was an inspiration and I know that his presence in my life will continue to inspire me."

HANSON begin their tour of the UK and Ireland on Apr 13th.

Cartoon Idol

I'm in a cartoon kinda mood so here's a quick ode to all that is American Idol compliments of Pretty On the Outside. Sorry, if Sanjaya doesn't get kicked off soon I'm gonna hurt a puppy...and I like puppies.

Disclaimer: I would, of course, never hurt an animal. Never.

More Pics From HBO's 3rd Season "Entourage" L.A. Premier

I'm sure Maxim magazine fans aren't disappointed by Canadian actress Emmanuelle Chriqui's appearance Thursday night. Chriqui was #37 on Maxim's 2006 "Hot 100" list.

Carla Gugino looked gorgeous at the Los Angeles premier of the third season of HBO hit show "Entourage" - but when does she ever look bad?

Of course, Debi Mazar is part of the "Entourage" cast so she was understated royalty at the premier. -- I enjoy Laura Prepon (from "That 70's Show" & more) but she really needs to embrace her red hair and go back to it!. Not everyone should be blond as blond isn't necessarily better.

Great Cause - Lame Dude

"Tom Toast" from Gallergy of the Absurd.

The New York Post reports Tom Cruise will be visiting New York for a gala on April 19 to benefit the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a controversial "detox" program for 9/11 workers.

Cruise, a Scientologist, helped open a clinic in downtown Manhattan after the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The clinic offers free Scientology-inspired treatments to firefighters, cops and other rescue workers exposed to high levels of toxins at Ground Zero. Tickets for the fund-raiser range from $6,250 to $100,000. WTF?! $100,000? Do you get to smack Cruise in the head twenty times for that price?!

The detox procedure reportedly includes high doses of niacin, the ingesting of cold-pressed oil and longs intervals in a sauna — is not endorsed by New York City's Fire or Police departments but some rescue workers brainwashed by Cruise say the program has helped them.

Four Visits To Hair Salon In Two Weeks?

Lindsay Lohan was photographed leaving the Niel George Salon in Beverly Hills for the fourth time in two weeks. Uh, what the hell does someone need to go to a salon for that many times in that short a period of time? Are salons the new drug dens or something?

I'm not a hair premadonna so maybe she is just tweaking her hair but it seems excessive to me.

Kate Beckinsale Wants Queen Latifah's Boobs...For A Day

Kate on "Winged Creatures" set & Latifah in Hawaii.

Skinny actress Kate Beckinsale told Glamour magazine she'd love to trade bodies with Queen Latifah for a day because she has "gigantic real breasts."

Currently filming "Winged Creatures", Beckinsale in the mag's new issue (on stands April 10) "I am so fascinated by breasts because my mother didn't have them, either. If I had them, I'd run up and down flights of stairs!"

Click the "Beckinsale" link below for more pics from the set of "Winged Creatures."


Mr. Chow's Was the Place To Be Thursday Night

Both Paris Hilton and Tyra Banks headed to dinner at Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills, California, on Thursday (April 5 '07).

Is it just me or does the top of Tyra's head look abnormally flat? Must be the hair but it looks so weird!

As for Paris, she definitely opted for the mega-dark tanning option...better than the damage involved with a real tan I suppose. I love the shoes but it's lame that she wore them with the bow on the left heel torn off. Can't she afford to have it replaced?

Joss For Peta

Joss Stone is the latest celebrity pushing Peta's cause. A lot of people cannot stand Peta...whachoo think?

Aguilera in NYC

Christina Aguilera and hubby Jordan were snapped leaving their NYC hotel Friday, April 6 ('07). Her hair looks a lot like straw here but girls in baseball caps is always good!

Mary-Kate & Max Need A Shower

Just looking at these two makes me feel like a dirty greasy bear.

Seriously, Mary-Kate Olsen and boyfriend Max Snow look like the greasiest of the greasers.


New Puppy For Biel?

So we know Jessica Biel loves her pit bull Tina - but it also looks like a new little guy/girl has joined them. The trio were snapped out for a walk in Brentwood Thursday, April 5.

Click here to learn about Tina's story (her oldest dog) and here to visit the "Save Dogs" blog.