Sunday, October 14, 2007

A small explanation...

I don't know if or when I'll get back to blogging. We have just suffered our 3rd miscarriage and for all I care, celebrities and their obnoxious lives can go fuck themselves. I am angry. It hurts.

Talk to you later.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Does this surprise anyone?

We all know Pamela Anderson is a class act, but this makes her even classier. The classiest of classy ladies. For realzies.

Pam and Kid Rock were together last year and were married for a record of 4 months (that's not a record? My bad.). Apparently she was pissed that Kid wouldn't visit her on the set of her movie filming in Vancouver and she told him she had just had a miscarriage. SEE! Class personifide!

“She’s in Vancouver shooting a movie and I have Lakers seats on the floor, and I’m gonna go to the Lakers (basketball) game with my friend Jesse James,” the 36-year-old rapper says.

“I’m like, `Baby, I got these tickets. I’ll see you on the weekend there,’ and that leads into her saying, `You don’t care about me, blah blah blah,’” Rock says. “She finally comes up with this: `I just had a miscarriage’ … and hangs the phone up.”

Rock, claiming he was unaware that Anderson was pregnant, says he chartered a plane and flew to Vancouver. “When I get there, she’s partying at this restaurant, drinking champagne, jumping on the tables. I’m thinking, `That’s a quick recovery from a miscarriage.’”

Don't get me wrong, Kid is Mr. Classy himself - but this realllllly takes the cake. Cake laced in crack if you ask me.

Poverty Makes Portman Manic

It cracks me up when a moment is captured on film and it makes someone look crazy. All of us know Ms. Natalie Portman isn't crazy or manic (right?) so there's no harm in making fun of her here.

I do, however, support her activism 150%. Compassion and action are to be commended. The world needs more of it really.

Portman spoke at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, on Tuesday in support of the Campaign Against Global Poverty. Smart, gorgeous, talented AND active in global issues? Natalie Portman RULES!

It's Upchucker, Bitches!
I keed, I keed. ; )

I am in love with that top photo of actress Keri Russell with her son River Russell Deary - look at how he's holding onto her hand...I'm such a sucker.

Anyhow, that's how I imagine my life: Walking around NYC with my little one(s) along as my partner(s) in crime. Maybe we won't be walking around NYC every day but we'll definitely make out mark.

P.S. I know I've been out of commission for almost two weeks but I'm sort of back and I missed you kids!

Super glad I didn't have to blog about all of the Britney Spears drama but it is a really sad and pathetic situation. I'll post here and there about her but I don't want to encourage such obnoxious and reckless behavior.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment wishing me well and telling me they missed me. I feel loved. And thank you to everyone who keeps checking in despite my lack of posts! You rock!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Blogging 'Til Saturday

Hey everyone,

I'm driving to Atlanta now for our embryo transfer tomorrow (SEXY!). Will try to blog tomorrow.


Britney or Jessica?

The alcohol, wrecked clothes, smeared that Britney Spears? Wait, the hair isn't as nasty as Brit's...It's Jessica Simpson. My bad.

These were shot on the Los Angeles set of Major Movie Star. 'Cause we need more Jessica Simpson movies.

Um, cute dress?

Amy Winehouse won best UK female at last night's Mobo awards. I thought we weren't supposed to give her anymore awards until she cleaned up her junky act? Don't get me wrong, I love her music, but the rest of her needs some work.

Her "rider" might have had something to do with her performance. It included, one large bottle of vodka, two bottles of Jack Daniels, two more bottles of Veuve Cliquot, two bottles of red Rioja wine and 48 Heineken. YUMMY! Time to get sick!

Anyhow, I like the picture above of Amy taken last week or so. So hot. Below is her performance at the Mobo's.

Elisabeth Hasselrighteous

I flip between wanting to strangle Elisabeth Hasselbeck for driving me nuts and giving her a high-five for being so idealistically dumb. These quotes don't bother's listening to her on The View. It's hard to like anybody who defends George W. Bush and this administration.

Here she is talking and posing for Pregnancy magazine:

On being pregnant and arguing with Rosie O’Donnell: “When a woman cries, it’s never seen as a sign of strength and never seen in a positive light. A man cries and he’s sensitive, and a woman cries and she’s weak. So even when you’re debating another woman, the first person to cry pretty much loses.”

On being a conservative mother in 2007: “Being a conservative mother isn’t the challenge. Being a conservative in New York City on television is the challenge.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Frozen Face Engaged?

Is Rose McGowan (aka Frozen Face) engaged to director Robert Rodriguez?

Page Six reports McGowan is walking around L.A. "showing off" a new blood diamond diamond engagement ring - given to her by Rodriguez.

We don't see them often but they were photographed together earlier this year during the publicity tour for Grindhouse. Not long after filming, Rodriguez announced he was divorcing his wife of 16 years and the mother of his five children. Dirty bag.

Dave Grohl's the Bombdiggity

Dave Grohl already holds a special place in my heart (I'll explain later) but hearing Dave speak about Paris Hilton just really makes me happy.

Paris is fucking lame. She's more offensive to me than anything. She's a total, raging, disgusting, rich, lazy party slut. I pray that my daughter will not turn out like her."

I think we can all agree, Paris(ite) has been described in many ways as many things but this one is certainly a special gem. Good on ya Dave!

Now to my story: Dave and his fellow Foo-Fighters were playing at a nearby amphitheater a couple of years ago. A couple of my family members love live music as much as I do so we headed to the concert. Teenagers, aged rockers and $10 beers...what's not to love?

We drank some beer, peed, drank some more beer, peed, and then it was showtime. So we got another beer (it was hot out!) and took to our seats not too far from the stage. An hour, lots of good tunes, more beer and more peeing later, Dave jumped from the stage, singing and playing, up an aisle. I freaked and ran from the middle of our row into the aisle to try to catch him on his way back to the stage. BINGO. He headed my way! As he was about to pass me, I reached my hand towards him and my right index finger managed to find his neck where I quickly wiped the dripping sweat from it! I was now in possession of Dave Grohl's sweat!

What did I do with the sweat? I quickly contained it in a small vile (which I smartly brought with me to the concert. Genius!) and proceeded to sell it on eBay. How much did I get? $1,000.00. Courtney Love needed it for the "Dave Grohl CURSE soup" she was making.

What He's Thinking...

"Why doesn't Jodie smell like baby wipes? I know already that she's a dirty girl."

What is this baby wipes business you ask? Well, Terrence Howard famously told Elle magazine:

If they’re using dry paper, they aren’t washing all of themselves. It’s just unclean. So if I go inside a woman’s house and see the toilet paper there, I’ll explain this. And if she doesn’t make the adjustment to baby wipes, I’ll know she’s not completely clean."

Jodie (Foster) looked beautiful at the Rome premier of The Brave One. She looks so womanly!

Aniston On Set

It's not often that we see pics of Jennifer Aniston (unless she's pimping Smart Water) so shots from the set of He's Just Not That Into You are kinda cool.

Maybe not as entertaining as Drew Barrymore's pirate get-up - but I like Jen so they're cool nonetheless.

Co-stars Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love), Ben Affleck and others.

You can click on all of the pics to seem them larger though the ones of Aniston in the pink dress aren't as large as they others.

Um, who is this woman?

This is supposed to be Sharon Stone at the Paris party celebrating John Galliano's 10-year-anniversary designing for Christian Dior but I'm thinking it's a Sharon Stone robot replica. She's scaring me!

The eyebrows, tight face and lips. Stop the madness Sharon!

P.S. Haven't blogged since Friday because I've been partying it up at the beach. Embryo transfer this coming Friday so I wanted to get some drinks in! Like, 100 of them or so. I'm not ashamed!

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Frrrrrrriday Maties

How Hollywood is that shot of Drew Barrymore talking on her Blackberry with a parrot prop on her shoulder while Pedro holds an umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh...DAMN YOU RIHANNA!) for her. I find it hilariously ridiculous!

She's probably calling 911 to report "I think I know who ate the dingo that ate the baby."

Barrymore was snapped spending some quality time with her parrot on the set of He's Just Not That Into You. Oh yes he is.

JT's Wittle Boo Boo

Justin Timberlake reportedly injured his vocal chords during his MTV VMA weekend and had to cancel a couple of shows. BOOOOO.

His galpal Jessica Biel tagged along to one of his follow-up medical appointments. I wish she'd trash those shoes. Ballet flats don't work on everyone (including me).

Say it 'aint so Britney

I don't even really believe this little story (and I find the whole thing shameful)but Us magazine claims Fox is trying to get Britney Spears to make an appearance on the show - reportedly to apologize for her VMA performance.

Us magazine is reporting an "Emmy Awards show source" as saying Fox is "in negotiations" with NitBrit.

However, a source close to Spears says: "I can't say this is 100 percent not true. All I can say is that the Emmy people aren't dealing with her record company, her manager or her agents at William Morris. So if she is doing anything for the Emmys then it's not going through the official channels."

If Spears appears on the Emmys then it will be official: SJP & JJ are running NitBrit's career! Nothing says "professional" like letting a 1-year-old and 2-year-old run your business. "We're country ya'all!"

How shameless are these networks? It is beyond disgusting. They don't care if she performs or appears - they just want the rumor mill turning to bring in viewers. Blech.

Sexy Shoes Connelly

WOAH! What on this slowly browning Earth is Jennifer Connelly wearing on her feet? Who shows up to a "Gala Premier" of their movie at the Toronto International Film Festival looking like this?

She had to have had surgery or something. Corns removed? Toes surgically shortened to fit better into her Christian Louboutin heels?

I'll let it slide this time - on the condition that she's NOT trying to pass those things off as footwear. Besides the feet, Jennifer looked beautiful - as always.

Clooney Pimps Dad Jeans

George Clooney in "dad jeans" makes me giggle. He looks vanilla!

Clooney was snapped on the set of Burn After Reading - which co-stars Brad Pitt.

I'll take Clooney almost any way I can get him but he's so damn hot when playing dress up.

No thanks, I'll pass.

Kudos to Courtney Love for "getting her shit together" and looking like something straight out of a teen horror flick. CRIKEY!

Kabbalah'n Around

Where do you go when you're a celebrity and you want to cleanse your soul and that of your children? If you are Madonna or Demi Moore you head to Tel Aviv, Israel, to celebrate the Jewish New Year.

Ok, so Demi didn't take her "real" children but she did take Ashton!

Thumbnails below are of Demi and Ashton.


Stoner says what?

"I run around the house naked with heels all the time. It's so funny... I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry."

Actress Mary-Kate Olsen on her home hobbies.

Check her out on Showtime's Weeds. The cast is killer and the theme is hilarious. GO MLP!

Sounds Really Bad Ryan

In 2006, actress Reese Witherspoon filed for divorce from her husband, actor Ryan Phillippe. Looks like he had a tough go of it.

He says, "After the divorce I was a physical wreck. I wanted to die. I was ready to kill myself. "I was not taking care of myself at all. I would wake up and cry and vomit."

The couple was married six years and share custody of 7-year-old daughter Ava and 3-year-old son Deacon.

I needed a reason to post this picture of Ryan with Angelina Jolie. Girlfriend has meat on them there bones! SHOCKING!