Saturday, March 3, 2007

Random Pics 2/28-3/3

Fergie working out in Santa Monica on 3/1...Click all to enlarge - do I need to say that anymore?

Anna Kournikova with some horrendous posture in NYC on 3/1; Jennifer Hawkins Ms. Australia & Ms. Universe 2004 at show in Australia...She's gorgeous!

Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner leaving Mr. Chow's in LA 3/1; LaLohan *sheer madness* at Les Deux in Hollywood on 2/28...

Jodie Foster Does It "Young Hollywood Style"

Foster and her sons were snapped leaving a Petco in Hollywood on Thursday 3/1. NBD right? Right. That is until she decided to flash us her cooter container!

Scout Willis Drinking the Juice

Isn't she only, what, 15 yrs old? Everyone is in Paris (France not Hilton) right now for Fashion Week and the Moore-Kutcher + chirrens klan is no exception. The group attended a party for Mario Testino's new book Let Me In! -- Ashton and Demi are on the cover. But what's up with letting Scout drink? We all know that's not apple cider in her glass. Way to go Demi, Bruce & Ashton. We've already heard about Rumor's "many bathroom visits" at Hollywood nightclubs.

Stephen Colbert is Person of the Year - VIVA LA HUMOR!

The US Comedy Arts Festival is currently underway in Aspen, Co, and Stephen Colbert was named the Festival's Person of the Year! This made me laugh out loud...heeee makes me laugh out loud...and I don't even smoke pot...anymore. Don't republicans say that only stoners watch The Daily Show with John Stewart and the Colbert Report with Stephen? Wrong again repubs.

Christian Slater and New Blond

Last time I checked I believe Slater was hanging with crazy Sharon Stone. He was snapped arriving at the Royal Court Theatre with a mystery blond later identified as Imogen Lloyd Webber - Andrew Lloyd Webber's daughter.

Brittany Murphy Engaged Again?

Is Brittany Murphy engaged, getting engaged again, or already married? Can't find any info on her getting married. This dude looks like he can only be a sugar daddy 'cause I get the heebeejeebees looking at him with her. Murphy and "Creepy Dude" were snapped checking out rings at David Yurman's. -- This would be her 3rd engagement or first marraige. Her first engagement was to talent manager Jefff Kwatinetz in 2004 - that ended - and she became engaged to Joe Macaluso in December 2005 but that ended last August. -- Click to enlarge the one of them facing forward...has she gone Lara Flynn-Boyle on us with her lips?! And what's with the stain near her va-jay-jay?!

Nicole Richie Hospitalized

Ok, I'll give it to her that she looks better lately now that she has gained a few pounds but the above painting from Gallery of the Absurd still rings true. Nicole was rushed from the set of the Simple Life to a nearby hospital after she fell ill and an on-set doctor examined her and determined she needed to go to the hospital. Reports are that she received IV fluids for 15 minutes then went home. Her rep said the following:

"Nicole is home resting and will return to work this evening," her rep said in a statement. "We are proud of the weight that Nicole is gaining and her focus on her health."

Uma Thurman Looks Tired

Uma attended the 5th Anniversary Women of Discovery Awards in NYC earlier this week. She looks tired and distracted - like her head is somewhere else. Understandable, awards shows must get old.

NAACP Image Awards Pics

Vanessa Williams, Mary J. Blige, Jada Pinkett Smith, Rebecca Gayheart...wait, what the, Rebecca Gayheart? Someone tell me why she's there because I don't know! Ohhh, she was there to give tips to Brandi about the charges she faces for killing someone with her car since she went through something similar a few years back...Ok, gotcha.

Sienna Miller and ? in London

Don't know who he is bet he looks to be quite helpful. Sienna remembered to bring the most helpful accessory when shopping about London - a bag carrier. Like most pics on Celebrity Upchuck™ you can click to enlarge. Check out some of Sienna's most recent "foot in mouth" moments - yowza!:

"I mean, I still love a waterfall or the odd hallucinogenic drug. I liked mushrooms, which were legal until a year or so ago. If I had a drug of choice, it would be magic mushrooms. And I do like going away to India ... But I'm very motivated at the moment."
Regarding Jude Law & what it is "about him" that got her: "Everything about him. He's an incredibly brilliant, intelligent, funny, charismatic, vivacious, kind, beautiful, rich ... Don't put the last thing."
~ Her honesty and willingness to be the fool are refreshing! But stay away from the drugs kiddos!

Brooke Shields is Available to Britney

Since news spread that Brit may be dealing with some postpartum depression and she might be reading Brooke Shields's book on the subject "Down Came the Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression" - Brooke told Access Hollywood:

- "I hope she's fine."
- If in fact she does have ppd Brooker said, "then it really needs to be reckoned with, and it's very common, and she'll get through it."
- "If [Britney] is reading my book," Shields adds, "I hope it's helping her. If it's not, and she wants to talk to someone, I'm available."

Friday, March 2, 2007

Brad Kissing Another...

Pics of Brad Pitt lovin' a layyy-dayyy on the set of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" in which Brad plays a 50-yr-old man who ages backwards. They are currently filming in New Orleans. Splash News says he's kissing Julia Ormond but it doesn't look like her - at least not to my untrained eye.

Ann Coulter Likes Horse Dong

This woman is a complete disgrace and an abuser of the First Amendment. B*tch just called John Edwads a "faggot" at the Conservative Political Action Conference so -- the crowd let out some 'ohsss' then clapped (WTF?). I thought I would share with you some more of her anti-social and antagnostic quotes - thanks to Washington woman is asking to be shot...I'm just saying. But FIRST, I bestow upon you - a letter from Henry Rollins to Coulter: WARNING, the 'F-word' is used a couple times at the end.

And now, a few of Horse-Dong-Lover's quotes:

"God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, 'Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours.'"---Hannity & Colmes, 6/20/01

The "backbone of the Democratic Party" is a "typical fat, implacable welfare recipient"---syndicated column 10/29/99

To a disabled Vietnam vet: "People like you caused us to lose that war."---MSNBC

"I think [women] should be armed but should not [be allowed to] vote."
---Politically Incorrect, 2/26/01

"I think we had enough laws about the turn-of-the-century. We don't need any more." Asked how far back would she go to repeal laws, she replied, "Well, before the New Deal...[The Emancipation Proclamation] would be a good start."---Politically Incorrect 5/7/97

"Anorexics never have boyfriends. ... That's one way to know you don't have anorexia, if you have a boyfriend."---Politically Incorrect 7/21/97

"The thing I like about Bush is I think he hates liberals."---Washington Post 8/1/00

"You want to be careful not to become just a blowhard."---Washington Post 10/16/98 POT. KETTLE. BLACK.

Cavemen Hitting Big Time!

ABC is creating a sitcom around three cavemen dealing with the struggles of life in these times. Can't wait! I confess that I love the cavemen...Cavemen with modern day emotions and language skills - come on, they're priceless! Casting couldn't be better and the quips are golden. These will probably be pulled soon so watch while you can! If you don't enjoy 'em - sorry.

Vedder & Richards Will Help Induct Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will induct it's latest honorees on March 12. Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam will reportedly help with the induction honors.
Richards will induct The Ronettes and and Vedder will induct R.E.M.

Jay-Z will reportedly induct Grandmaster Flash, Velvet Revolver will induct Van Halen and Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine will induct Patti Smith.

Garner & Violet in Vancouver 3-1

This kid is always smiling!

Gyllenhaal Pics - Zodiac Premier in NY

Jake and Mark are looking sharp! I don't really know why I'm posting the Elizabeth Berkley photo but some of you might have enjoyed "Showgirls"...Is is just me or is Rob Thomas looking a bit rough these days? Good thing he's still making good music. LOVE Tim Robbins and Bono! If you haven't already joined the ONE campaign to make poverty history - click here to do so. The World thanks you.


Cameron Diaz Loves the Gym

Cameron has looked quite happy since her split with Justin Timberlake. That or else she's putting on a brave face...or it could be the ganja! Cam's pictured here leaving her LA gym Wednesday.

Ms. Drunky at "Wild Hogs" Premier Tuesday

I give Tara props for really trying to clean up. She looks pretty here...except that left foot/shoe combo looks funky to me for some reason. Maybe my eyes are just fatigued. Ms. Drunky definitely looks better then some of her past pics. To check out Ms. Drunky, click the thumbnails in this post.

Today's TMI News Brought to You by P.Dummy

For the second time this week a celebrity statement has made me vurp. First it was John "Revolt-ya" talking positions and this time it's P. Dummy. Now I don't mind burping and vomiting has it's purpose (detox anyone?) - but vurping? Blech!

P. Dummy felt it necessary to let us know that he shaves his "area" - it apparently makes his tiny peepee look bigger..."I shave down there. I do it myself - or I have my young lady help me, because I don't want to get no nicks," said Diddy.

This fabulous quote comes on the heels of him sharing with us that his and girlfriend Kim Porter's sex sessions have lasted 28 hours and they have experimented with tantric sex. Yeah, we're buying that 28hr lie...surrrre.

Ew, I think I just vurped again. I need to go brush. Talk amongst yourselves.

Kingston Hitting Road With Mama Gwen

Gwen Stefani is getting ready to hit the road for her solo world tour. Mama Gwen has said she's taking Little Man on the road with her and he'll be hanging on the tour bus. I would think that would be a given but it is sweet to hear her say that she plans to rock him to sleep before she hits the stage. Everybody say, "Awwwwww."

Bobby Brown Didn't Show for "Work" Today

(Another Brown mugshot from the past.)

Yesterday I reported that Bobby Brown was unable to pay the $19k+ in back child support but that a radio station had agreed to pay it contingent upon him appearing on the their morning show for "one calendar week."

Uh, the radio station told it's listeners today that Bobby didn't show for his first day of "work" and I say PUT HIS *SS BACK IN JAIL!

GA Bank Robbing Chicas Arrested

So they looked ok here in this grainy surveillance photo...
But, DAYUMMMMM, check out their mugshots!

They were originally dubbed the "Barbie Bandits" but after seeing their mugshots I think we should rename them the "Crack Head Bandits" - they look nasty! See kids, this is another prime example of what drugs will do to you.

The girls, Ashley Miller and Heather Johnston, were caught on surveillance video robbing a branch of Bank of America inside of a Kroger's grocery store in Cobb County, Georgia, on Tuesday. They were seen giggling and smiling - 'cause robbing a bank is a joke right? Dumb *sses. It turns out the girls are both 19-years-old and they were in cahoots (did I just use that word?) with 27-year-old Michael Chastang and 22-year-old bank teller Benny Herman Allen III.

Ashley, Heather & Benny, were arrested Thursday about 20 miles from the robbery scene. They've been charged with theft and drug violations while Michael Chastang was arrested for felony theft. Furthermore, Miller and Chastang were also charged with trafficking in MDMA (ecstasy) and both dumb *sses had outstanding warrants.

Ashley Miller and Heather Johnston of Fulton County, and 22-year-old bank teller Benny Herman Allen III were stopped earlier Thursday by police about 20 miles from where Tuesday's robbery occurred. THROW "THE BOOK" AT THEM!

(Robbery image via and mugshots via The Smoking Gun.)