Saturday, March 24, 2007

Liv Does Conan O'Brien

Every time I see Liv I just gush. Seriously, how naturally beautiful can one woman be? These were snapped as she arrived for her guest spot on the Conan O'Brien Show. Conan is a rock star too.

Click here for pics of Liv, Saffron Burrows, Jada Pinkett Smith, Don Cheadle & Adam Sandler, arriving at the NYC premier of "Reign Over Me."

Bridget Wears Pregnancy Well

Model/actress/Tom Brady's ex/Gisele Bundchen's rival Bridget Moynahan looked beautiful and glamorous as she arrived at the Peninsula Hotel in NYC Thursday, March 22 ('07).

Get a Load of Jamie Lee Curtis!

Don't you love any woman willing to bust the myth(s) of Hollywood beauty by posing in a magazine without body make-up, retouching, etc.? Jamie did it awhile back and she's awesome for doing so.

These were snapped at the Starlight*Starbright Childrens Foundation "A Stellar Night Gala" in LA last night (March 23, '07). Beautiful.

Lindsay Didn't Go Out Last Night!

...OOPS, I was wrong. She was snapped leaving PARC in Hollywood last night. Can anyone translate her necklace?...I think it says "Foolish Party Girl Faked Rehab For Sympathy," but I could be totaly wrong.

...OOPS, I was wrong. She was snapped leaving PARC in Hollywood last night. Can anyone translate her necklace?...I think it says "Foolish Party Girl Faked Rehab For Sympathy," but I could be totaly wrong.

Some More Musical Gals

Fergie was looking slick as she headed to a studio in London on Friday (March 23'07). I dig those shoes...minus the gobblygook on top of 'em.

Thalia was snapped at the Vision Expo East promoting her line of eyewear and shades.

Where are My Boots? BritBrit Needs a Kick in the Head!

Britney was just released from rehab Wednesday night and the dumbarse is already going out at night. Of course, some of you will say that she, "Just went to dinner," at Shu-Sushi House in Hollywood, but it goes to something greater.

Britney should be at home - resting - continuing her recovery - chillin' with the chirrens. Seriously, order in, hit the town during daylight hours...why go out at night at tempt yourself? We all know 28 days in rehab wasn't nearly long enough for you anyway. Let's hope she really isn't taking her post-rehab cues from Lindsay Lohan. Ugh.

Am I alone in feeling the Parisite Hilton blue contacts are ridiculous? Apparently she wants a wonkey eye too.

Let's Tally the Points for M-K Olsen

+5 points for wearing sunglasses. One must protect their eyes.
-6 points for wearing tights and a top with no bottoms in site!
+10 points for putting cigarette in ashtray. More should do this.
-50 points for smoking. Shite will kill ya.
-25 points for smoking Marlboro Reds. Shite will kill ya faster.
+4 points for maneuvering in those heels.
-4 points for wearing those heels with the tights and no bottoms.

TOTAL: Oooo, Mary-Kate is down 66 points. Better luck next time M-K -- Hey, at least you're still a billionaire!

Ashton & Demi Looking Good

Demi Moore and her handsome son hubby Ashton attended Mentor L.A.'s Promise Gala honoring crazy Tom Cruise in LA on Thursday, March 22 ('07). She's wearing black so I can't tell if there's a baby bump there...she wore black here as well - maybe she is covering something. Who knows.

Click here to see Tom and his prisoner Katie at the event.

Dear Ms. Tyra,

Hello love. First, let me tell you how wonderful your confidence and self-esteem are. You are a breath of fresh air in the climate of superficiality. However, there is nothing wrong with a work out here and there - it's great for your heart, mind and yes, your body.

This outfit brings attention to the business of your thigh cheese. We all have it, sure, but yours is in the front and, like I said earlier, you're driving attention to it with the shorts/boots combo. I'd like to see some shape and definition in your long and lovely gams.

Love always,

Celebrity Upchuck™

AND oh lordy...don't even get me started on Ms. Tischa Campbell...WTF?!

Christina Found Quite a Bra

Yowzas! The right bra really does make your boobs grow 2+ sizes! Ms. Aguilera was looking quite sassy at her "Back to Basics" after-party in NYC. Hot...and maybe a little less orange than in my last post on her.

Rachel Stevens Literally Stops Traffic

I though these were pretty wild...enjoy.

Sandra Bullock's Still in NYC

These were snapped Friday night, March 23 ('07). She looks great!

P!nk on Today

Sorry it took me so long to post today...we had a soccer game this morning and we proceeded to lose. Our girls have a lot to learn!

Anyhow, lots of great pics coming up and I'm kicking it off with one of my favorites - P!NK - from her appearance on the Today show Friday, March 23 ('07). P!nk is a total rock star - I just wish she'd grow out her hair a bit.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ohhh Mischa

Can you look at Mischa without thinking of her looking all scuzzy with big-balled Cisco Adler and puffing on a joint while driving.

I certainly hope Keds determined her wardrobe for the day because that is no shirt for a 21-yr-old. Silly really. But, if I were Mischa, I'd be doing anything Keds wanted me to do since the O.C. was canceled by FOX (she bailed anyway) and Bebe just dropped her as their "face" in favor of Rebecca Romijn. HOLD ONTO THE KEDS JOB CHICA!