Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Judge Cited for Smoking a Joint in Park...
I Knew I Liked Him ; )

Remember the two Florida judges with two completely different styles who ruled separately in the Anna Nicole Smith case recently? Well, the better judge (pictured above), Broward Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda, was cited and ordered to appear in court after getting caught by three on-duty officers smoking a joint under a tree in Stanley Goldman Park (Florida). The officers simply followed the smell (this just made me laugh out loud again).

Capt. Tony Rode said, around 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 18 ('07):

"They said they smelled a very strong odor of what they found to be marijuana," Rode said. "They followed the smell to a gentleman sitting under a tree. He was actively smoking the marijuana cigarette as they approached him. "The officers field-tested the joint, which tested positive for marijuana. Korda was not arrested, but given a misdemeanor citation to appear in court at a later date. "It would not draw media attention except that it was an elected official," Rode said. "The overwhelming majority of people who are detained for a marijuana cigarette are given a notice to appear."

See - he wasn't hurting anybody - and HE has been the best judge throughout all this Anna drama! Wouldn't he be executed in some countries? Glad he's not there.


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sabrina said...

I find this totally hilarious. What a rockin' judge!