Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Big Shots of Jennifer & Violet Affleck

I love that Jen always seems so happy to be with Violet which is why I'm posting lots of pics of them. They can be today's "feel good" moment.

Too many celebs (HELLO Travis Barker-Shanna Moaklar, Britney Spears-KFedEx, etc.) act like they're just accessories. Like having a kid means you love each other. These people make me want to beat them they frustrate me so!

People need to realize that your job as a parent is to create good people - quality human beings. Not the likes of Parisite Hilton or any other life-sucking being in the world. You can't do that if you don't care for them. IDIOTS.

That's why I have 500 children whom I keep in the house - around me at all times - on the floor at my feet - never out of my sight...except when I need then to grab me a beer, empty my ashtray, or pee for me...excuse me for a moment..."BOBBY! Get up of your arse and get momma two beers and the bag of Cheetohs! NO - you cannot have one!...and quit your cryin' - I can't hear Springer!"

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sabrina said...

That was really funny there at the end!

I love Jennifer.