Monday, March 19, 2007

YEAH! Vanessa Williams Got Her Hollywood Star

Do any of you remember the news conference in which Vanessa announced she was relinquishing her Miss America 2004 crown (awarded 9/17/83) due to the controversy surrounding naked pictures of her that Penthouse magazine said they would release in their September issue? Vanessa sure has come a long way and now she has her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to prove it! *THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE & CHEERS*

Ms. Williams is still gorgeous and kicking arse in the entertainment world only "Ugly Betty." In the years since Vanessa Williams was crowned the first black Miss America, she has sang on Broadway, released Grammy-nominated albums and has acted on screens both big and small. On Monday, she received the 2,331st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Her "Ugly Betty" castmates showed up to cheer for Williams at a ceremony in front of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel...(Home of "Teddy's" one of Lindsay Lohans favorite hangouts.) and it came only a day after her 44th birthday!

Said Salma Hayek, the show's executive producer:

"When we wrote the pilot for 'Ugly Betty,' we needed a villain and I was worried about who would play that character," said Salma Hayak, the show's executive producer. "We were so happy to get Vanessa. She is brilliant because she is so nasty on the show, but in reality she is the sweetest person."

Others who attended the ceremony included producer Peter Gruber, actress Rebecca Romijn and Williams' brother, Chris, a cast member on the new Fox series "The Wedding Bells."

"Vanessa is a template for anyone to realize that by dreaming big and believing in yourself, you can overcome any seemingly insurmountable obstacle and that through hard work and perseverance, no one can limit what or who you are," he said.

CONGRATULATIONS V! Click here to learn more about Vanessa at her Wikipedia page. Like most pics on CU - Click 'em to enjoy 'em up close & personal!

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