Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Thank Thee...

Helen Hunt, for embracing your wrinkles. For showing us women that aging, and much of what goes with it, is normal, sexy, even fulfilling. Wrinkles shouldn't be considered dirty little secrets to be hidden from the world.

Personally, I love a girl with laugh lines and wrinkles. People who haven't lived are wrinkle free - that or else they spend their free time in a doctor's office.

Helen was snapped at the world premier of her latest film, Then She Found Me, at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday (Friday, September 7).

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P.S. Those heels are BAD ASS! I love the earrings too. Spot on on!

Deep thoughts by
Jennifer Garner

Garner at the Toronto Film Festival press conference for Juno.

"Shouldn't have had that extra burrito 'cause my ass is on fire!"

R-to the double E-S-E!

Ryan Phillippe who? I know it has been a year since they split but, DAYUM(!), Reese Witherspoon looks freakin' hot! I'm all for my girls looking fabulous without a dude.

Of course, she's reportedly dating her Rendition co-star Jake Gyllenhaal so she does kinda have a man...unless he really is gay...then she just has a good-lookin' dude who likes the vagina after the sex change.

Nevertheless, Witherspoon looked awesome Friday evening at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of the duo's political thriller, Rendition .

Holy Bazongas Christina!

Seeing Christina Aguilera's boobies during pregnancy makes me fear for my own pregnant future. I have DD's to begin with (natural) so pregnancy is going to make them EXPLODE much like Aguilera's!

Christina and her hubby Jordan hit up Fred Segal's in West Hollywood Friday. She looks fabulous and I'm excited to see her looking more and more pregnant.

Carrie & Tyra @ Fashion Rocks

Carrie Underwood and Tyra Banks posed together at Fashion Rocks last week. Blah blah blah.

Yeah, um, I'm not even going to touch Tyra's 20-head. I've got a 5-head so I can't hate. Carrie looked her usual pretty and skinny self. *yawn*

Give us something horrendous like the Surgery Sisters or JLo's hideous appearance.

They're boring me...I'm to make some Mojitos! Totally addicted...that's me.

Surgery Sisters

Both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson attended Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Just Cavalli’ store opening Friday evening in NYC.

While the girls looked much better than Jennifer Lopez, they both look too "plastic" for my liking.

Jessica looks botoxed frozen. Ashlee, well, that damn nose job did her in. Nevertheless, I'd take either of their bodies.

Too Much WRONG JLo!

Seriously, WTF was Jennifer Lopez thinking when she showed up at Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Just Cavalli’ store opening Friday evening in NYC.

I really try not to be too mean on Upchuck but JLO really gets to me sometimes. That dress/robe thingy is obnoxious. You can be pms'ing and bloated without wearing a mumu.

What's with the make-up? She always drives me nuts with her damn make-up. The make-up artist does so much concealing of her under-eye-around-the-nose area that her actual nose looks all Rudolph-y or like she has a perpetual cold.

Eh gawd. That look. Can you try any harder woman? No I don't want to f**k you and neither does my husband (though he probably would if you paid him) - stop trying to rope us in - you just look silly.

What's in the purse Zahara?

Looks like little Zahara wanted in on the fashion action and managed to get mama Angelina Jolie to buy her a handbag matching Jolie's.

The question is, does Zahara's hangbag hold the same items as Angelina's? For instance, might Z be carrying the book "How to Steal a Man in Ten Days or Less"? Does Z's handbag include another book "Angelina's Guide to the World's Tattoo Shops"?

I know, there's a tiny vile of blood for each of her brother's - Maddox & Pax. Of course she left Shiloh out proclaiming, "She's always trying to steal my crackers!"

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Something's Different

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Carmen Electra looked different at the Fashion Rocks event last week. It took me a bit to realize what it is and it's so easy - her make-up! She isn't wearing nearly as much eye make-up as she normally does.

Good job Carmen. Very becoming.

Good Riddance Foxy

Dumb arse Foxy Brown has been given a dose of bitch justice and I'm cheering out loud. She was sentenced to 1 year in jail for violating her probation.

Brown, real name Inga Marchand, was in court Friday and tried to keep her arse out of her Rikers Island jail cell by pleading with the judge.

"I'm willing to do whatever I need to do to change," Brown told the judge. She said she had made a lot of mistakes before Jackson jailed her. "I realize that's not where I want to be. It's humbled me in ways I never imagined."

Thankfully, the judge wasn't buying her shite.

"I'm not going to give you any more chances," the judge told Brown. "I hope you turn your life around and never again have to stand in a court of law."

"Ms. Marchand, it's too little, too late. I'm glad you're learning something; that's a positive."

Foolio was also indicted on charges that she smacked a neighbor with a cell phone.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Membership in the Brangelina Club has its privileges

Brad Pitt took little Maddox (mom is Angelina Jolie...duh.) to Tuesday night's New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners game and Maddox left a bigger winner than he already is.

Pitt took the five-year-old to Yankees Stadium as a belated birthday gift. Not only did they hang out with Spike Lee and his son Jackson, but Maddox received a special visit from star player Derek Jeter who strolled over to his seating area and offered him a signed bat and ball.

I know grown men who would KILL not only for the ball and bat - but especially the personal visit from Jeter! Maddox just keeps on winning. I hope Jeter didn't leave Jackson out - that would suck royally for him.

Brad & Mad left in the seventh inning and the Yankees went on to beat the Mariners 12-3.

Brit's Confirmed, Bitch!

Here's a Britney Spears promo shot for her upcoming VMA performance in Las Vegas Sunday night.

Ugh. Why is she always trying so hard to be sexy. We know how Britney rolls. I live in the South and she certainly doesn't represent the South. We don't have all of our lady bits hanging out. Of course, in these parts, the majority of us are transplants from elsewhere (San Diego here).

Perhaps in homage to the glittery magic of Las Vegas, Spears consulted with illusionist Criss Angel, star of A&E’s “Mindfreak,” on “some of the moments of the performance,” said Jesse Ignjatovic, the executive producer of this year’s VMAs.

As for what we can expect from Ms. Spears, Ignjatovic wouldn’t give up the goods, but promised fans would be thrilled.

“You can expect the things we want and expect from Britney - that will all be there,” he said. “What I’ve seen of it is great. She’ll be dancing, performing, doing her thing. That’s exactly what we all want. Fans that are familiar with her performance on previous VMAs will not be disappointed.”

Wish you luck, bitch!
Wait, not done...all of this makes me want to look at this gem of a video again. Enjoy!

Britney's Having A Breakdown! Episode 1

Pigeon Fun with Charlize

Charlize Theron took a break from promoting The Valley of Elah at the Venice Film Festival to do walk with the birds and do some shopping. Walk with the birds? Let us move on.

In The Valley of Elah, Theron plays a New Mexico detective drawn into the case of a U.S. soldier who disappears just days after returning from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Theron, 32, also got a wee-bit political the other day in an interview with the Associated Press Television:

"The decision-making process for going into Iraq was very hastily done, and I think the facts weren't there, and I just don't think you go to war for those reasons,"

"I think the thing that upset me most was the manipulation that our government did towards our people, manipulating them to believe that if they weren't for the war, they weren't patriotic."


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Too Frickin' Cute!

Meet 10-month old Katie-Lee Webster of the UK. That's some crazy red hair! I just want to squeeze her!


A Little Depp Will Do Me
(you too if you're gonna be like that)

That's right, a little Depp will do-ya. Johnny Depp is an original and will never go out of style. He could walk around like a pretty boy touting that "I'm hot" look - but he doesn't.

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Here's an earlier post of Depp in Venice and a pic of his wife Vanessa Paradis at some thingy for her new cd thingy on some show thingy somewhere in France...maybe.

Bitchy and Selfish?...Ya don't say!

Jessica Simpson attended a party last night for her new stylist, Britt Bardo (Drag queen anyone?), and apparently she considered herself the guest of honor.

Blondie commandeered the entire balcony and while she danced and chatted - her "tools" prevented other party guests from stepping onto the balcony. A lot of the guests were so pissed they just left.

And Simpson gave us all this wonderful insight: "I get to be here as a fashionista. I get to come as someone who has made a product that people like," she said referring to her successful shoe line. "I want to wear heels all the time and the fact that my shoes are doing the numbers that they are doing means everyone wants to wear heels all the time, too."

Pics below are of Simpson leaving her hotel for an afternoon of funzies Wednesday.

L-I-V-I-N' Reese Style

Oh the life of Reese Witherspoon. Looking fabulous? CHECk. Lengthy hair appointment in Beverly Hills? CHECK. Refreshing coffee drink from The Coffee Bean? CHECK. Shopping at Calypso Christiane Celle. CHECK.

Good thing I like her...otherwise I'd be a wee-bit jealous.

Portman's Pregnant!

Natalie Portman attended a US Open match last night and took the opportunity to announce she is pregnant with Jackie Chan's baby. What? Not true? Really?

Everything's so boring today - thought I'd spice it up. *yawn*

Hayden & Milo

Heroes co-stars Hayden Panettiere Milo Ventimiglia were snapped hanging in Hollywood the other day.

NBC's Heroes premiers September 24 so be sure to check it out!

Depp-alicious & Paradis

While Johnny Depp was looking like a sexy dirty slab of meat at a Venice Film Festival event honoring director Tim Burton - his wife Vanessa Paradis(I think they married recently...both are wearing wedding-like rings) was pimping her new CD "Divinidylle" on "Le Grand Journal".

My goodness, that gap never ceases to amaze me. Everyone things Madonna should fill hers but Vanessa's is "mayjah!"