Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brad's Cartoon

"Hi! I'm Brad Pitt. Guys wanna be me ('cause I'm doing Angie) and chicks dig me. I'm too cool to take off my shades so I'm going to keep 'em on and piss off the photographers here at the Venice Film Festival."

"Hi! I'm a totally innocent looking chick who is going to break through a crowd of onlookers and well paid bodyguards after which I'll wrap my warm blooded arms around Bradly! Yes, I sad Bradly. He likes it when I call him that. Or so that's what the voices tell me."


bree said...

I'd crash through guards to touch Brad! LOL!

Anonymous said...

She could have stabbed him or something. How can all of those guards be so oblivious to her charging and be unable to stop her? What's the point of having them if they can't protect him?

Anonymous said...

Oh Brad. You're lucky to be alive! kidding.

But that really is pretty stupid they can't protect him.