Saturday, September 8, 2007

Too Much WRONG JLo!

Seriously, WTF was Jennifer Lopez thinking when she showed up at Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Just Cavalli’ store opening Friday evening in NYC.

I really try not to be too mean on Upchuck but JLO really gets to me sometimes. That dress/robe thingy is obnoxious. You can be pms'ing and bloated without wearing a mumu.

What's with the make-up? She always drives me nuts with her damn make-up. The make-up artist does so much concealing of her under-eye-around-the-nose area that her actual nose looks all Rudolph-y or like she has a perpetual cold.

Eh gawd. That look. Can you try any harder woman? No I don't want to f**k you and neither does my husband (though he probably would if you paid him) - stop trying to rope us in - you just look silly.

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