Saturday, September 8, 2007

I Thank Thee...

Helen Hunt, for embracing your wrinkles. For showing us women that aging, and much of what goes with it, is normal, sexy, even fulfilling. Wrinkles shouldn't be considered dirty little secrets to be hidden from the world.

Personally, I love a girl with laugh lines and wrinkles. People who haven't lived are wrinkle free - that or else they spend their free time in a doctor's office.

Helen was snapped at the world premier of her latest film, Then She Found Me, at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday (Friday, September 7).

** Click pics for a closer look.**

P.S. Those heels are BAD ASS! I love the earrings too. Spot on on!


Anonymous said...

I think she is beautiful!! And I admire her aging naturally!! PLEASE HELEN.....STAY OUT OF THE PLASTIC SURGEONS look fantastic 'as is' girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and original!