Monday, September 10, 2007

WTF?! A-W-F-U-L!

Britney's VMA performance was nothing MTV said it was going to be and everything we knew it would.

There was no "Criss Angel making her disappear" killer dancing.

We weren't completely shortchanged though: There was horrendous lip synching...a "woman" looking completely unsure of herself (Cheeto hangover fo sho)...and a terrible dance effort.

Sorry to say it but NitBrit's "performance" career is over. Capital 'O' to the 'R'. Prove us wrong Brit.


Angela said...

Ooh, that was sooooo BAD!

Anonymous said...

Very painful to watch. I can't believe she still has fans. I mean, she used to have some talent as a performer but she has never been a singer. She really stunk last night. Why did her people let her perform? MTV set her up. She needs to go home and stay home with her kids. Work on yourself and your family Britney.

casey said...

That was TERRIBLE. Wow. Will this finally make her stop?