Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Rosie, Bitch!

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Rosie O'Donnell loves her some trouble with a side of controversy and garnished with some bully. This time she's taking shots at Barbara Walters. That's right! Barbara effing Walters.

In her upcoming memoir, Celebrity Detox, which sheds light on, among other episodes in her life, the TV star's tumultuous stint last season on The View, O'Donnell, 45, addresses Walters, 77, to say, "And Barbara. At some point, a person gets tired. It's inevitable," the New York Post reports.

"Barbara Walters is almost twice my age," the book (which is to be published Oct. 2) is quoted as saying. "At some point it becomes necessary to step back. Everyone has to go. Going is part of the gig."

O'Donnell also reportedly states, "I would be less-than-honest if I were to say that there is no trouble between Barbara and I. I mean, our differences are obvious."

O'Donnell writes that during commercial breaks on The View, audience members would sometimes shout out, "I love you, Rosie" – "and Barbara politely tells them in a schoolteacher tone, 'It is impolite to say I love you to one person when there are four of us up here.' "

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