Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One vice at a time people

I don't miss smoking one bit...blech....and I think everyone should quit - but I do understand why Lindsay Lohan needs to focus on quitting the cocaine (and lawdy knows what else) before worrying about ditching the tobacky.

Lohan's still in rehab in Utah and it's good to see she's putting in some time at the gym. Keep it up woman.

While Lindsay is rehabbing, White Oprah (Mama Lohan) is in a little tiff with actress Jodie Foster after Foster let it be known how she feels about Lindsay's state.

"Can I just ask, where is her mother? I mean, really, where is her mother?"

"When I was their age, there were no big 18-year-old stars... Now, we want the 17-year-olds so we can bleed them for all they're worth and squeeze as much money as we possibly can out of them - and then their career will be over in something like three years."

The following response from White Oprah is a good one - if only her actions spoke as loud as her words.

“It really saddens me that a mom would comment on another mom without ever meeting me!”

“Ironically Lindsay’s talent was compared to Jodie Foster’s as a little girl! I don’t know what Jodie dealt with as a young Hollywood actress but I do know if it weren’t for her mother she would not be a successful actress today! I’m sure her mother made many sacrifices for her to be successful.”

“All we want as parents is to cultivate our children’s dreams ,whatever field they choose. She has no idea who we are and what we have dealt with! If she has a question to ask me, don’t ridicule me publicly! She should know how the press twists the truth! Don’t judge without facts!”


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