Saturday, August 18, 2007

Smoking is Sooo Sexy

I used to be a smoker and I know it isi difficult to quit but looking at Katherine Heigl with her cigarette and Diet Coke just makes me think of the "Hollywood Diet." Anything to stay skinny right?

Smoking sucks. It stinks. It makes your hair, fingers, everything stink! It rots your lungs and your teeth. But I'm not preaching or anything. ;)

The Skinny on Biel

I am in total awe of just how lean Jessica Biel is right now. It's insane! Check out her shoulders and arms as she shoppe in L.A. the other day. Click her name link below to see her in her skivvies filming a movie scene the other day.

That's it. I'm going to Hollywood, hiring a personal trainer, a nutritionist and I'm going to be somebody..."And scene!"

** Don't forget to click on the pics to see them nice 'n' big.

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Supper Thyme!

Yeah, um, I have an excuse for not blogging today. My sister set up lunch (with brews) and then some fun at Supper Thyme USA™. Girls (& boys), if you haven't tried it, you need too!

Supper Thyme USA's™ gig is "Bringing dinner back to the table™," and as our local Supper Thyme USA™ owner, Jay Eldarini, said, "Supper Thyme USA ™ really cares for families with kids and empty nesters." Singletons and couples are totally welcome. They have vegetarian meals as well (thank you very much).

Eldarini rightly says Supper Thyme USA"saves times and money" while "bringing dinner back to the table™."

My sister and I made 12 (!) meals for her family of five in less than two hours and it would have taken less time had we not brought a jug of beer ('cause we're country ya'all...I kid. No, really, we're not. Seriously. But a jug was present.).

"The basic entrees are designed to feed a family of six. Smaller families and couples can easily split their 12 meals into half-size portions, providing 24 meals." I was so sad after we had prepared nine meals and only had three left. I didn't want the party to end. Owner Jay (wife Randa is co-owner) and Kimberly Douglas were awesome help.

Supper Thyme USA™> has all the ingredients ready and waiting for you. You pick a menu of entrees, follow the simple directions at each meal's work station, bag/container the food, take it all home and freeze it until you're ready, then follow the directions for heating/cooking each meal. Bingo-bongo (!), you and your family have healthy and delicious dinner for 12 days! At less than $3.00 per serving and with such convenience, you can't beat it.

Soooo, I had to blog about it because I want everyone to find a Supper Thyme USA™ near you. If you are anywhere in the Charlotte area, you've got to visit Jay at his Matthews location. Tell him Celebrity Upchuck™ sent ya.

Ya hearrrrrrd.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Stand-In for Britney

Oh the drama surrounding the ad for Britney Spears' latest perfume Believe (Believe what? That you need help? That you could get things under control with a therapist and many months away from Hollywood? Believe that KFed-Ex could very well end up with the chirren at the rate you're going? What are we to "Believe?").

The New York Post is alleging a body double was used because NitBrit looked a wreck and that they just superimposed her head for the final ad. The comparison below seems to put this issue to rest. Now, can we get on with her 500 other more pressing issues?

I could give a rats arse if it is her or not. All celebs are photoshopped to hell so this isn't surprising in the least. I don't blame her.

I really want to feel for her and sometimes I do...but she is doing nothing to help herself which is why I don't sympathize too much.

Let Us Walk Down 80's Memory Lane Shall We

Madonna's birthday is today and it got me thinking about the 80's (no, it's not when she nor her career died you haters). This is the best 80's videos compilation I have found so I had to share.

Enjoy kiddies!

Ok Sid, Ok Nancy...Whatever.

Sickly skinny and unhealthy looking Amy Winehouse checked into rehab, left rehab via helicopter (wtf?!), hit up a pub, got some mail, checked on her home, and then told Radio 1 outside of her home that she was headed back to rehab:

"I'm fine. I've put on half a stone and I feel fine."

Asked if newspaper reports of her drug abuse were true, she replied: "I wouldn't say so, no."

Her dirty husband Blake Fielder-Civil told reporters the two "only came back to get a guitar, but of course in the paper that's interpreted as we're both so weak we left after three days."

Who the f**k leaves rehab by helicopter to retrieve a guitar? And why is Lindsay Lohan allowed to leave rehab to get a spray on tan? Seriously, these losers don't want to get better. They're all living in La-La-Star-F**king-Land where no one ever says no and nothing really bad (or consequential) happens. Unless you count overdosing (a' la' Amy) or multiple DUI arrests (a' la' Lohan). But they probably think nothing of this crap.


Beckham Scores and Writes Home About It

Footballer David Beckham scored his first goal for the L.A. Galaxy advancing the Galaxy to the SuperLiga finals and he's so excited that he took to his blog to talk about it:

" Hello everyone,

I know, another blog so soon, but after my game yesterday I couldn’t wait to let you know how I felt.

It was incredible to finally start the game against D.C. United but to actually score a goal in my first proper home match was more than I could have hoped for, and an intensely amazing moment for me. On top of that I was handed the captain’s armband for the start of the game and I felt very proud to have been given that honour so early on in my career here. I definitely hope there are a few more of those!

I felt fit, so that was very encouraging and I was pleased to play a good hour of the game, but especially pleased that we won and we’re in the final of the SuperLiga. The fans were superb all night and I thought we deserved to go through, even though D.C. gave us a few problems and are a very strong team.

I’m now looking forward to our next game against Red Bull New York and hope to play a part in that. Hopefully, we can build on last night’s fantastic result.

Speak to you soon
David "

Um, David, I have the perfect place for you to put that sexy tongue of yours...

...Wife Victoria Beckham didn't think the goal was so "mayjah!" Oh Vicky, lighten up honey. You're much more fun when your silly.

Happy Birthday Madonna!

Took this pic of my girl at her Miami concert last July.

No, I didn't forget. Madonna has me on speed dial and called a minute ago to wonder why the hell I haven't wished her a rockin' birthday on Upchuck so here you go Madge!

You are an original, an innovator, the queen of dance, sing, get up and do your thing...despite the haters. LONG LIVE MADONNA!

Now, enough with the corn. Rumor has it Madonna is planning to celebrate her 50th birthday on August, 16, 2008, with a very special concert in NYC's Central Park. Ugh, Central Park in August...prepare to pass out people.

A source tells Britain's Sun, "One of the ideas she loves is to do Central Park on her birthday. She came up with it and has been discussing it as a serious possibility...She doesn't like getting older but she knows there's no way she can pretend her birthday isn't happening...She is planning to kick off a world tour next June in America to promote her new album. Playing at Central Park would be the highlight...She sees it as a huge televised event."

Are you reading this Ang? I will have given birth by then so we will have to high-tail our arses to NYC for a quick concert! Ya hearrrrd. Oh, and Amy, we'll be staying at your place. ;)

This is a pic of my post-concert celebratory toast (Patron and Corona) in Miami last year. In your honor Madge, I will recreate said toast this evening. Your welcome. ;)

The Brangelina Clan's Week in a Nutshell

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their broad, are in Chicago while she films Wanted. What is Wanted about you ask? A hot chick with guns and fast cars - apparently. Nahhh, something about assasins and shite.

Let's see...the top photo and first photo below are of the family leaving the Field Museum of Natural History, the next two are of Brangelina leaving Japonais restaurant (let's hope she had more than a salad and water with lemon) and the final pic is of Jolie with Maddox leaving a Borders book store (my oldest niece would be jealous).

The following were snapped on the set of Wanted. Oooooooooooo...sexxxxxxyyyyyy.

Who is Sexier?

Porn star Jenna Jameson or Mr. Burns from The Simpsons?

Seriously though, if Jenna is what is passing as sexy these days...count me out.

I'm sure some of you will say "She doesn't look too skinny!" or "She looks good!" but I then must say to you "WTF are you thinking?!" You people have been bamboozled by Hollywood and the media. If she looks this skinny in pictures - how the hell skinny is she in person?

Need Some Tequila with that Lyme?

According to Ok! magazine, Peter Sarsgaard was stricken with Lyme's disease while enjoying his hoity-toity self on Martha's Vineyard recently.

Sarsgaard (who wants to play pirate?) was vacationing with his wife actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and their daughter Ramona, when he was apparently bitten by a starf**king tick and was forced to head home to NYC to recuperate.

That mess can be serious if not treated appropriately and promptly. Get well soon mysterious and aloof man.

Biel's Getting Naked

Justin Timberlake's luva Jessica Biel is said to be showing some T&A in the upcoming movie Powder Blue - currently filming in Los Angeles and co-starring Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta and Patrick Swayze.

Biel plays a "stripper trying to earn money to raise her terminally ill son," and Us weekly is reporting Biel "signed a contract that explicitly details the bare minimum fans will see - including shots of her breasts and butt."

While I don't have the nudies (yet) I do have her in her skivvies. Enjoy.

Cindy's Son is So Pretty!

Cindy Crawford brought her son Presley,8, and daughter Kaya, 5, to the premier of High School Musical 2 at Disneyland on Tuesday.

Seriously, that boy is prettier than his sister and she's a cutie. If I didn't know he was a boy and he wasn't dressed as a boy - I would think he is one of the prettiest young girls I've ever seen. It's not normal!

Cindy looks her usual gorgeous self. Good on ya Cindy!

Cam's Filming in Vegas...
Where's Mr. Mindfreak?

Cameron Diaz was in Las Vegas filming What Happens in Vegas co-starring Ashton Kutcher and due out June 2008. Did she hook up again with Criss Angel "Mindfreak?" Ahhh, that's right. She's not dating that dude anymore. Too much baggage.

Rumor has it she has moved on to Mr. Big Head. Who's that you ask? Well, it's none other than super talented musician/singer John Mayer. Diaz took a break from filming to hook up with Mayer in NYC. "The two were nuzzly and besotted as they strolled hand in hand down Lafayette St. Tuesday night."

Lookey, lookey, here. Criss Angel and NitBrit photographed together in Vegas recently. They shouldn't be going out...they should be taking showers together. Blech.

Eva Eats?

I've abandoned you all much like Britney has her children and that's because, well, because of the likes of NitBrit. I post and I post then these idiots sicken me and I have to go on a "celebrity fast." Nicole Richie's pregnancy really sent me over the edge. It's nice to ignore celebrities for so that I come back fresh and reinvigorated...which should last, oh, about a day.

Here's some Eva Longoria shopping at Ralphs. The first thing I said when I saw these was, "Eva does dairy?" but then I realized she's making chile to feed that ugly beast of a bag of hers. Glad I won't be around to smell the post-meal fumes.

Is it just me or are those shoes obnoxious? Not as obnoxious as me but obnoxious nonetheless. Yes, I know the last pic wasn't taken at Ralphs. It just showed off her brick shoes and beastly bag so well I had to include it.