Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eva Eats?

I've abandoned you all much like Britney has her children and that's because, well, because of the likes of NitBrit. I post and I post then these idiots sicken me and I have to go on a "celebrity fast." Nicole Richie's pregnancy really sent me over the edge. It's nice to ignore celebrities for so that I come back fresh and reinvigorated...which should last, oh, about a day.

Here's some Eva Longoria shopping at Ralphs. The first thing I said when I saw these was, "Eva does dairy?" but then I realized she's making chile to feed that ugly beast of a bag of hers. Glad I won't be around to smell the post-meal fumes.

Is it just me or are those shoes obnoxious? Not as obnoxious as me but obnoxious nonetheless. Yes, I know the last pic wasn't taken at Ralphs. It just showed off her brick shoes and beastly bag so well I had to include it.


Anonymous said...

That bag is as big as her and yes, I agree, it is ugly. Tacky even.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand this media whore.

Anonymous said...

She bugs me too.