Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Madonna!

Took this pic of my girl at her Miami concert last July.

No, I didn't forget. Madonna has me on speed dial and called a minute ago to wonder why the hell I haven't wished her a rockin' birthday on Upchuck so here you go Madge!

You are an original, an innovator, the queen of dance, sing, get up and do your thing...despite the haters. LONG LIVE MADONNA!

Now, enough with the corn. Rumor has it Madonna is planning to celebrate her 50th birthday on August, 16, 2008, with a very special concert in NYC's Central Park. Ugh, Central Park in August...prepare to pass out people.

A source tells Britain's Sun, "One of the ideas she loves is to do Central Park on her birthday. She came up with it and has been discussing it as a serious possibility...She doesn't like getting older but she knows there's no way she can pretend her birthday isn't happening...She is planning to kick off a world tour next June in America to promote her new album. Playing at Central Park would be the highlight...She sees it as a huge televised event."

Are you reading this Ang? I will have given birth by then so we will have to high-tail our arses to NYC for a quick concert! Ya hearrrrd. Oh, and Amy, we'll be staying at your place. ;)

This is a pic of my post-concert celebratory toast (Patron and Corona) in Miami last year. In your honor Madge, I will recreate said toast this evening. Your welcome. ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Madonna!

madonna rules! said...

Yes, a very happy birthday to you Madonna!

I can't wait for your next tour!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday you rock star you. You are the best!

preppy said...

Yeahhhhh! Happy bday Madge!

leah said...

Happy Birthday you happening woman you!

melody said...

People who hate Madonna are lame.

Angela said...

New York? Madonna? Hanging with the sis?


Koukla said...

Yeah!!! Happy Birthday madonna :-)