Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beckham Scores and Writes Home About It

Footballer David Beckham scored his first goal for the L.A. Galaxy advancing the Galaxy to the SuperLiga finals and he's so excited that he took to his blog to talk about it:

" Hello everyone,

I know, another blog so soon, but after my game yesterday I couldn’t wait to let you know how I felt.

It was incredible to finally start the game against D.C. United but to actually score a goal in my first proper home match was more than I could have hoped for, and an intensely amazing moment for me. On top of that I was handed the captain’s armband for the start of the game and I felt very proud to have been given that honour so early on in my career here. I definitely hope there are a few more of those!

I felt fit, so that was very encouraging and I was pleased to play a good hour of the game, but especially pleased that we won and we’re in the final of the SuperLiga. The fans were superb all night and I thought we deserved to go through, even though D.C. gave us a few problems and are a very strong team.

I’m now looking forward to our next game against Red Bull New York and hope to play a part in that. Hopefully, we can build on last night’s fantastic result.

Speak to you soon
David "

Um, David, I have the perfect place for you to put that sexy tongue of yours...

...Wife Victoria Beckham didn't think the goal was so "mayjah!" Oh Vicky, lighten up honey. You're much more fun when your silly.


Anonymous said...

What is her deal? How can she not crack a damn smile for her husband? Sheesh.

casey said...

Damn he's sexy.

Angela said...

Someone needs to get a hold of his DNA and clone that man!

Whew! He is HOT!