Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cam's Filming in Vegas...
Where's Mr. Mindfreak?

Cameron Diaz was in Las Vegas filming What Happens in Vegas co-starring Ashton Kutcher and due out June 2008. Did she hook up again with Criss Angel "Mindfreak?" Ahhh, that's right. She's not dating that dude anymore. Too much baggage.

Rumor has it she has moved on to Mr. Big Head. Who's that you ask? Well, it's none other than super talented musician/singer John Mayer. Diaz took a break from filming to hook up with Mayer in NYC. "The two were nuzzly and besotted as they strolled hand in hand down Lafayette St. Tuesday night."

Lookey, lookey, here. Criss Angel and NitBrit photographed together in Vegas recently. They shouldn't be going out...they should be taking showers together. Blech.


Anonymous said...

Hollywood is nasty. Everyone sleeps with one another.

Those two do need a shower. They're gross.

leah said...

Cameron should spend more time trying to add some shape to her legs than six-packing her abs which are already in incredible shape. A little more shape to her legs would go a long way.

Love her!

tina said...

I like Cameron but her taste these days is way off. She partied with Paris (I remember your post), hooked up with Criss Angel and now John Mayer? WTF?