Thursday, August 16, 2007

Biel's Getting Naked

Justin Timberlake's luva Jessica Biel is said to be showing some T&A in the upcoming movie Powder Blue - currently filming in Los Angeles and co-starring Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta and Patrick Swayze.

Biel plays a "stripper trying to earn money to raise her terminally ill son," and Us weekly is reporting Biel "signed a contract that explicitly details the bare minimum fans will see - including shots of her breasts and butt."

While I don't have the nudies (yet) I do have her in her skivvies. Enjoy.


leah said...

She looks skinnier without clothes. She looks tiny.

Yes, welcome back. You and your posts were missed. You have the best pictures!

Anonymous said...

She's hot even without make up.

casey said...

She's so hot and she's hooking up with Justin. NOT FAIR!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks-underwear combo.

preppy said...

She has perfect boobs.