Friday, August 3, 2007

Keep it Up Robin

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts has undergone her first (hopefully last or one of very few) surgery to treat breast cancer - which she announced during a GMA segment on July 30:

"I did a piece about Joel's courageous battle with cancer...and [how he had] been such a successful advocate for the importance of early cancer screenings. That very night when I went to bed, I did a self breast exam and found something that women everywhere fear: I found a lump."

She continues, "I can't stress enough how important it is to get screened and checked for all cancers — and to do self breast exams. I am so blessed that I found this in the early stages and the prognosis is so promising."

Keep up the good fight Robin! But please stop printing the emails. Lotta trees going down for all that. ;) received word from a GMA rep late Friday saying, "Robin's surgery was very successful today. She has already left the hospital and is home resting. The tests following her surgery take some time to process, so when we have more information we will update you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Robin at this time."

Michael Jackson and I would like to know...
"Who's baaaad(est)?!"

Men Suvari and her newly shorn hair or Britney Spears during her breakdown earlier this year (I guess it's actually an ongoing one at this point)? -- Click pic for a much closer view.

Mena looks damn hot and Britney should take note instead of traipsing around with her dead animal hair. That's it! NitBrit is constantly buying new animals so she can make new wigs. We should've known. That's country ya'all!

Who Wore it Better?...

Jessica Alba headed to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa on August 1, 2007, or DJ "These Eyes" pimpin' his supa-fly tunes at La Leaves?

Click pic for a closer look.

Sucka for Babies

Not really blogging right now because celebrities and their ridiculousness started eating my brain and I needed a break (plus I had some "procedures" today. No, no plastic surgery...though a boob lift, nose job, skin resurfacing and botox would really go a long way! Damn media. You are to blame for my low self-esteem. I bare no responsibility. You are Satan in Prada and a CL heels....but I digress.

We can't possibly live our entire lives investigating the "truth" behind Britney's latest baby/trainwreck drama or her latest vajayjay/panties flashing.

That being said, I couldn't pass up these pics of Amanda Peet and her little Frances Pen (born February 20). -- You need to be watching Amanda, Matthew Perry and a billion other great actors in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Ya hearrrd.

-- Peet's a true actress and not an imposter so following her is more dignified than, say, obsessing about Lindsay Lohan snorting coke in a bathroom stall. Just a little.