Saturday, April 14, 2007

Charlize's Peggy Sirota Shoot

Charlize Theron is one ugly girl. Yeah right. Long, lean, cute...I hate her. But she's great, I love her. But I hate her. There's the mania again. Time to take my pills.

Ms. Theron, girlfriend of Stuart Townsend *yummy*, has no less that three movies in post-production ("Ferris Wheel" - "In the Valley of Elah" & "Battle in Seattle") plus three in pre-production ("The Hurt Locker" - "The Ice at the Bottom of the World" & "Tonight, He Comes") plus two movies have been announced ("The Brazilian Job" & "Jinx"). BUSY BUSY GIRL!

Click her name link below for past posts!

Dayumm The Fish Lips!

Uh, looks like the money Hayden Panetierre is making from her gig on NBC's "Heroes" is going towards her mom's collagen created lips. Those are some ugly arse fish lips! You know she talks funny too - how can you not with huge fake lips like that?! NASTY.

Now I really am getting concerned about Hayden. She's only 17 and already hits Hollywood clubs wearing see-through clothing and it looks like she has a Dina Lohan (Lindsay's mom) type mom who is trying to stay super young and hang with her chirrens. ALL SORTS OF WRONG!

Jovovich-Hawk Collection Presentation

These are nice and big (huge & high-resolution) photos of the presentation of the limited edition "Jovovich-Hawk for MNG" collection in Hollywood, CA, on April 12.

Model/Actress/Singer/Designer Milla Jovovich co-founded Jovovich-Hawk with fellow model Carmen Hawk in 2003.

Jovovich told the Taipei Times about the line, "For us, it's about strong women or making women feel strong. When I first met Carmen, what I liked about her was that she was a strong but still feminine woman, and that she didn't have to show she was strong by wearing baggy jeans or whatever, like I was doing. But also, I look around America and there are so many girls who feel they have to walk around half-naked to attract men and we're just trying to say: Do you really have to do that? And would you really want to attract those kinds of men anyway?".

Milla, Ginnifer Goodwin & Carmen Hawk; Milla & Nicollette Sheridan; Milla & Paul Anderson.

Jessica Biel Post-Photo Shoot

Biel's dog Tina & new puppy on Wednesday.

Love Jessica Biel's hair as she left a photo shoot Friday, March 13. Wonder if it was a "Dog Fancy" or some other dog magazine shoot considering she took her big girl Tina and new little puppy. Check out the paws on that puppy!

Click her name link below to see lots of doggy pics. She's a great owner. Spends lots of time with them, goes on lots of walks & pics up their poo!

Cam & Incredible Hulk Hit The Gym

The razzi must just hang out at Cameron Diaz's gym knowing she'll be there every day. Talk about some easy photos. No stalking required!

Eva & Rosario Gettin' Juicy

Are Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson talking wedding dresses? Boob Jobs? The fact that Pluto is no longer considered a planet? YOU make the call (remember those segments in televised football? Do they still do them?).

Chicas are animated!

Judd In NYC

The always beautiful Ashley Judd looks fresh after a long trip to India. Spirited Ashley was snapped outside of the Ritz-Carlton in NYC. Wonder if she's staying there with Ashlee Simpson and ugly boy Pete Wentz. Like her Africa necklace? Click the pics to see super big!

Don't Be Censoring My P!nk

P!nk in West Hollywood April 10.

Radio stations are stifling Pink and her anti-bush views. In "Dear Mr. President," P!nk slams President George "Dubya" Bush's domestic and war policies. It seems most programs don't allow her to discuss her political views.

She was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and thanked him for letting her sing and discuss the song, which she says the hasn’t really been allowed to do on the radio or other TV shows.

P!nk is another one of my favorite female artists out there. Girl can SANG!...and I like that she has something real to say. "Dear Mr. President" when one of the all-time best anti-war/anti-Bush songs. YOU MUST hear it if you haven't yet.


Britney The Quick Change Artist

Usually when I go shopping I wear the clothes out of the store...don't you? In this case, Britney Spears walked into the Sydney Michelle store wearing a black dress that looked all sorts of wrong from the waist up - including a clearly visible white bra - then walked out wearing a new purchase. The new dress is cute. -- Brit does get 100 points for wearing a bra in the first place! Much better than this crap!

Below are some pics of Britney to/from dinner at Shu Friday, April 13. The Britney a month ago would've had her legs spread open as she got in the car. PROGRESS! Oh, and the pale lips are much better than any hooker-red or shite-brown she tends to wear. +10 points Brit!

Salma's Not Lovin' The Bible

Pregnant Salma Hayek in March'07.

Salma Hayek has never been a fan of the Bible because she hates the way it depicts women and reveres sex. The Mexican actress insists she still believes in God and Jesus Christ, but she'll always have big problems with the Bible.

In an interview for Marie Claire magazine's May issue, given before announcing her pregnancy, Hayek explained, "I don't like the way the Bible views women - this thing about the Virgin Mary conceiving a child without having sex - so if you conceive a child by having sex, there's a subliminal message that there's something dirty about it.

"And this is what makes us divine - I mean, the possibility of creating another life should remind women that we are creators, that we are made like God in our ability. There is nothing greater than to create another human being."

Lily & Common In Studio

Rapper Common is working on his new album "Finding Forever" and UK pop star Lily Allen is recording "Drivin' Me Wild" for the album.

These are some really cool pics from the "Drivin' Me Wild" recording session.

Lily may still be on my shite list but I still dig her...sorta.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Little Girl For Madonna?

So we know Madonna is headed to Malawi and her rep denies she is beginning adoption proceedings on a little girl, but The Sun alleges she has picked out a three-year-old girl:

A source said, “Madonna saw a film of children at a place called The Consol Home. She spotted a beautiful girl called Grace who lit the room with her smile, and fell head over heels for her. Madonna kept saying, ‘That girl has so much love in her. I want to help her achieve her potential’.

“But adoption officials are being very strict after the uproar when Madonna adopted David. They know Grace is her first choice, but have insisted she looks at other girls first — and that the final decision is theirs.”

You can be my second mom Madge! Or my 1st dad!

Here are some pics of Madonna going to the gym and to/fromt a Notting Hill recording studio to meet Justin Timberlake.

Moss-Doherty The Most Disgusting Couple EVER

Kate Moss is looking nasty and worn out...Pete Doherty looks like the junkiest of the junkies. His sores are spreading!

I know people on drugs pick at their skin but he is over the top nasty. What the hell does she get from being with this guy?!

This week she has been seen hanging out a window and wearing a bloody razor blade necklace. SOMEBODY GET HER KID AWAY FROM HER!