Saturday, May 19, 2007

How 'Bout Them Boats

Okay, so one doesn't really look at multi-million dollar yachts when Bai Ling is around 'cause, well, she's not one for modesty and people tend to check out "the goods" whenever they come and go...Bai Ling on the other hand...

These were taken at the "Shanghai Baby" photocall at the Cannes Film Festival. That things got Oscar written all over it.

I'll Wait to Rent It

Elijah Wood has signed on to star as Iggy Pop in "The Passenger," a film biopic covering the early years of Pop's life with his band The Stooges in the last 60's and early 70's.

Shooting will begin in the next six months and the movie is slated for release sometime in 2008.

While Pop,60, is cool with the project, he doesn't have any plans to star in the film.

"The script ain't chopped liver. It was a work of art. But subjectively, I don't want to be involved in any way. A producer and the writer sent me a very decent letter, and asked me to write back if I didn't want them to do it. I don't feel negative about it at all."

I would be surprised if he didn't make a cameo or a "guy in the crowd" type of appearance.

It's Game Time!

I just have to share these with you. See if you can figure it out...

What are you looking at here?

Still uncertain? Here's a slightly closer look...

Got it? You're looking at a Chris Jordan Photographic Arts depiction of "60,000 plastic bags - the number used in the U.S. every 5 seconds"....

THINK ABOUT IT and invest in some canvas bags. More cities need to follow San Francisco's example of banning all plastic grocery bags. Period. -- You can click the pics for a closer view.

The Oprah Curse

Despite my long conversation with her about betraying a fellow woman (Minnie Driver) for a man, Cameron Diaz was again seen with Criss Angel "Mindfreak" Friday night.

Angel was engaged to actress Minnie Driver when he and Diaz hooked up a week ago last Saturday and she arrived back in Vegas this past Friday to do some more "hooking." The couple had dinner at Social House at Treasure Island and a witness told People magazine they started dinner across from each other but were next to one another by the end of the meal.

They weren't done. Next they headed to PURE nightclub at Caesars Palace and then to Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

-- You know, there really is an Oprah curse on Minnie Driver. She was super hot and heavy (so she and we thought) with Matt Damon years back but then he broke up with her during his appearance on Oprah - and Criss Angel was just on Oprah, what, two weeks ago? Driver needs to have anyone she dates sign a "I will not appear on Oprah" clause at the beginning of each relationship! Seriously!


Some Stefani

Came across these video stills for Gwen Stefani's "4 a.m." and thought you Stefani fans might appreciate it.


New Hairdresser Please!

Tyra Banks and the latest "America's Next Top Too-Thin Chick Super Model" Jaslene Gonzalez showed their mugs at the CW networks upfront evening. Tyra's cool in that she stands up to people hating on girls with a bit of cushion but I can see the net for her wig. Click the pic of her above to see what I mean.

You should expect better from your hair gurus Tyra girl!

Tacky AND Silly

Would someone please tell me that these fashion people & celebrities don't really think they're the know all when it comes to style. Seriously, there are very few I would even take shower curtain advice from...Lindsay Lohan and Karl Lagerfeld aren't included in "the few" either.

As you may well know, Lagerfeld designs for Chanel and Chanel held it's Cruise Collection show at the Santa Monica Airport - complete with Chanel private jet.

What a bunch of tools.

Camilla Belle...

One more Lohan, some Sarah Michelle Gellar and the always lovely Eva Mendes. She's just such a beauty in my eyes...Ashley Olson, Demi Moore, Emmy Rossum & Camilla Belle.

Naughty West Village

There is something so wrong about seeing angelic Liv Tyler hail a cab in front of a sex shop with condoms and vibrators in the window. So goes NYC though.

I love Liv's mix of classic with ultimate casual. So perfect.

Chloe & Jake Do Cannes

So I posted a snippet from Cannes yesterday and here's some more for ya. Some Chloe (Sevigny), some Jake (Gyllenhaal) and some Mark (Ruffalo) for you, in one nice post.

The cast attended the Cannes premier of "Zodiac."

Anne Heche Still Crazy?

Anne Heche and soon to be ex-hubby Coley Laffoon are no longer playing nice. Laffoon filed for divorce on February 1st and newly released documents he filed May 2 indicate he has doubt as to whether Heche is "psychologically capable" of caring for their five-yr-old son Homer.

Laffoon suggested Heche has exhibited "bizarre and delusional behavior" and asked that a psych evaluation "be commenced immediately." While Heche reportedly earns $81,000 per episode of "One Tree Hill" - Laffoon has not worked since the birth of the couple's son but he had worked as a freelance videographer when the couple first met (she was dating Ellen DeGeneres at the time). Laffoon is seeking $33,000 a month in child support and no less than $15,000 in attorney fees.

Newly Married
Mr. & Mrs. Sexy

Um, er, congratulations? Bad arse singer Amy Winehouse married her fiance of one month, Black Fielder-Civil, yesterday (Friday) in Miami.

The couple has been hanging out at the Shore Club in South Beach and I must say - they looked smashing poolside. Eww.

The picture below left is of Winehouse in 2003 and this weekend. Quite the drastic change. Still want her to get help...she deserves to be well...and I selfishly want to keep hearing her musical genious.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Some Yummy From Cannes

A bazillion movie stars and celebrities are in the southeast of France, for the Festival de Cannes. Saffron Burrows and super-hotty Jason Statham are there pimping their latest film "The Bank Job" which is based on the "true life story of a London based heist that netted 'Oceans Eleven' money with no arrests and not one penny recovered.'"

Jessica Volunteers for Gymnastics Duties

Seriously, Jessica Simpson's earrings look prime for a little person to run up, grab onto and perform a complete "rings" routine for all the judges photogs. -- You kids have seen the "rings" competition in men's gymnastics right?...or am I the only homo (not really) that enjoys televised gymnastics? Ok, phew!

She seems to be handling the break-up least in public.

Fergie Squared

Oooo, look at my girl Fergie with the "real" Fergie! The two were in the spotlight at the Cipriani Concert Series 2007 with UNICEF and the Sarah Ferguson Foundation in NYC on the 17th.

Love seeing Fergie on stage and can't wait to see her live. I bet I'll be pregnant with twins by then!

Oh No She Didn't

When are all of you Britney Spears fans going to straighten out your girl? Not the drugs, alcohol or anything serious like that (we know she's clean *cough*cough*) - but her lack of fashion sense and the madness known as "everything that goes on top of her head" ?!?!?!

We all know her 1-2 inches of real hair is brown yet this silly girl has already bleached it AND put extensions on the healthy hair. WTF?! And why on earth would she let Sean Preston do the extensions? Isn't he only a year and a half (or so) old?!