Friday, April 27, 2007

Cheating Man Meat Alert!

I'm really hard on Olivier Martinez because I don't like cheaters and he was taking a new girl home to meet his family while he and Kylie Minogue were still together - but whatever - it's not my life. She had been battling cancer you know - d**khead.

Martinez was snapped at LAX...blah blah blah. MAN MEAT! Enough said!

Alright, Alright, We Get It...You're Getting Back In Shape BritBrit

You know it's time to get you some new fishnets when the crotch is ripping out of the ones you are wearing! Just put some clothes on already...and burn the boots. PRONTO.

Britney Spears was seen leaving the Millenium Dance Studios yesterday (April 26) with sons Sean Preston (toddler) and little guy Jayden James (in the car seat).

Hey JLo, the make up industry called to say you don't need to use ALL PRODUCTS at once dear

Why do some women who are naturally beautiful insist on wearing so much make-up? Jennifer Lopez does not need to boat load that she's always photographed wearing. The concealer, the foundation, the incredibly heavy eyes...WHY?! It almost drives me as bonkers as Britney's outfits.

Oh, in case you wondered, JLo and Mr. JLo were snapped at Us Weekly's Hot Hollywood party...'cause these self-centered rich biotches need to hear how wonderful they are even more than they already do. *sigh*


Lindsay Lohan was there and was kind enough to provide a home for all the stray birds with that dayum hair style of hers...

Gorgeous Ali Lart from "Heroes" was there looking gorgeous! If I hear one more idiot say she needs a boob job - I'll cut 'em.

Carmen Electra was there 'cause there isn't an event she won't go to. Hey, can't hate her - publicity is everything...

Would ya looky here...Paris(ite) Hilton was also there. And look, her mouth is opening...must be a penis approaching...

Duff In the Buff

Everyone swears by pilates so I've gotta get my arse in gear and start doing it. Hilary Duff is back in L.A. after her trip to MuchMusic in Canada and she was sure to hit up her "go to" pilates studio.

Love seeing celebs without all the make-up and hair. Reality based photos. Nice...we simpletons thank thee.

More Vanity Fair 2007 Tribeca Party

I've already done a couple of posts on various 2007 Tribeca Film Festival events - including the Vanity Fair party - but here are some more from the Vanity Fair party including Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick (love this couple but she's looking really skinny!), rocker Lenny Kravitz, Kerry Washington, NBC's Brian Williams & Oprah's chica Gayle King.

It's nice when I get to post adult pics in between dayum Lohan-Spears-blahblahblah-useless pics. HOORAY!

SMG Looks Hot!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ana Paquin were two attendees at the Chanel Dinner for the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

So much for those pregnancy rumors huh Michelle? You look awesome and I usually cannot stand people who look like mice. Loving the dark hair.

Freddy Rodriguez and Sarah Michelle Gellar...

Original Ricci

Christina Ricci attended the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival (NYC) premier of "2 Days In Paris" last night (April 26). Not digging the dress but she's a total original and quite interesting looking. It's great to be different.

Ricci starts filming "Speed Racer" in Berlin in June. Co-stars include Susan Sarandon, John Goodman & Matthew Fox.

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?

I LOVE me some Amy Winehouse music but I'm still coming to terms with her lifestyle. Same as I would with male artists who seem a mess. Click pic for a closer look.

Good to see her with some take out food. Let's just hope she keeps it down. LOVE YOU AMY!


With A Rebel Yell

Do David and Victoria Beckham ever doing anything that isn't in sync? She went lighter when she hit Los Angeles not long ago and now he's got whitey white hair to boot.

While I don't like it, he surely pulls it off better than Brad Pitt or Robbie Williams. Billy Idol still rocks it the best though.


Someone's Asking For a Whoopin'

This is the woman who tried to run over the coolness known as Jesse James (Did you ever see Monster Garage?). Jesse is married to the coolness known as Sandra Bullock.

Police told TMZ this woman, Marcia Valentine, "attempted 3 or 4 times to run Jesse James over with her silver Mercedes" but Jesse "I called President Bush a d*Ckhead" James was able to stay out of the way. Bullock reportedly watched the whole thing unfold. How can you not love someone who calls Bush what he is?!

Valentine also "laid in the driveway and wouldn't move" before fleeing. A manhunt by Orange County Sheriffs located the woman early Monday morning and took her into custody.

I'll cut the biotch who tries to hurt this awesome couple! OK, I won't really cut her...I hate violence...but I'll curse her to hell and will throw down if necessary.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

'Cause She Deserves a Break Today & Every Day...

Proving that there's no diet like a stoner's diet, Lindsay Lohan hit up McDonald's and got a coffee shake in her economical Porsche Carerra yesterday.

She was probably trying to build strength for yet another night out...

LaLohan attended the Armani Exchange sunglasses launch party later that evening. Oops, Paris Hilton was there too. Too bad we've received no word of a cat fight. Nicole Richie must've played mediator...or Lindsay was googoo eyed and focused on her rumored lesbian lover DJ Sam Ronson - who was spinning the vinyl for the festivities.

"Glowing, Glowing, Gone!"

Julia Roberts has been all around New York this week and I'm happy to see her though I wish we could get a great view of her growing baby mound (it's not a bump anymore).

Click here to see a good mound pic (along with Phinnaeus & Hazel) and to read about her eco-friendly home conversion.

Gotta love a woman who doesn't mind smelling like french fries!

Musical Chicas

Word has it that Britney Spears has been calling (or her people have been) the razzi to tell them where she is headed for the day...'cause life wouldn't mean a thang if they weren't photographing her all the time. Of course, her camp denies this but don't star "camps" always deny crap like this? They've got to keep her in the light if she wants attention for her new album.

These were snapped as she tanned and shopped in Santa Monica. WTF are her kids? How about some Mommy-n-Me time? They are that young for long. Before she knows it, they'll have their own drug, alcohol & rehab problems to blame her for.

Kelly Clarkson was photographed at in the press room of "American Idol Gives Back" last night (April 25)...(big pic and then thumbnail next to the Brit pics).

These Avril Lavigne pics are standard size. She was snapped pimpin' her album in Tokyo. Um, nice outfit?