Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rockin' God Till the End

Ms. Tammy Faye has passed away after a very long battle with cancer. What started as colon cancer in 1996 spread into her lungs. By the time of her death on Friday, Ms. Tammy said she weighed a mere 65lbs.

I would like her legacy to be positive quotes and not mascara so Upchuck will send her off with her words:

“Don’t let fear rule your life,” she said. “Live one day at a time, and never be afraid.” But she told well-wishers in a note on her Web site in May that the doctors had stopped trying to treat the cancer.

In an interview with CNN’s Larry King two months later, an emaciated Messner — still using her trademark makeup — said, “I believe when I leave this earth, because I love the Lord, I’m going straight to heaven.” Asked if she had any regrets, Messner said: “I don’t think about it, Larry, because it’s a waste of good brain space.”

I know that Ms. Tammy will be rockin' heaven Tammy style...full of love for God and human kind. Rock on Tammy.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Only 2 More Days Bridg!

Didn't post Wednesday as it was hubby's birthday and I had lots to do. Big day planned for today so may not post but came across this pic of Bridget Moynahan and couldn't resist since she's due to give birth to her baby boy (shitty daddy is Tom Brady) on Friday!

I wish I had her fitness dedication even not being pregnant!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mean to Diane Sawyer? That's Just Evil!

Fergie and Diane Sawyer on GMA on May 25, 2007.

The fabulous Diane Sawyer reported for jury duty recently but was laughed out of the court room.

We've been watching the Good Morning America hostess (20/20, amongst other shows) ask tough questions, investigate serious issues and deliver the news, for over 35 years - but apparently that wasn't good enough for the judge.

She says, "The judge said to me, 'Can you tell the truth and be fair?' And I said, 'That's what journalists do.' And everybody in the courtroom laughed. It was the most hurtful moment I think I've ever had."

Sting Stung by Sexism

Oooo, ego check for Trudie Styler and her hubby rocker Sting. An employment tribunal in London has ordered the couple to pay their former chef, Jane Martin, $51,000 for "unlawful dismissal and sexual discrimination."

Martin, 41, worked for the couple for over eight years but alleges that when she became pregnant, Styler began making her work long hours and got angry with her when she she took sick time from work.

Martin quit her job in April of 2006 after all of the drama and accused Styler of having a "grandiose ego." OUCH! The Sting-Styler crew has already launched an appeal.

Pay the money. You know you were arseholes and you have plenty of money.

Planet decided to give us an idea of what celebs might look like without all the money for trainers, nutritionists, managers, stylists, etc. AND I LOVE IT!

Johnny Depp. OH NO! NEVER!

Pam Anderson. I worked with this woman!

John Travolta could look like this tomorrow.

I'd pay to see Paris Hilton end up so "normal."

Keira Knightley could stand to gain some weight.

From one extreme to the other with VickyB (Victoria Beckham).

Finally, a Normal Pregnant Celeb!

Thank you to Salma Hayek for proving that pregnant women are not freaks of nature for gaining weight all over their body during pregnancy and not just a a bulging belly.

Man, I bet her boobs are sore. Poor thing.

Yikes, Who's the Friend?

Eecently released from rehab after a 45-day stint and wearing an alcohol detector anklet (per her wishes to prove her sobriety), Lindsay Lohan celebrated her 21st birthday in Vegas last weekend.

WTF is she doing hanging out with a panty flashing - coke nosed chick? Hopefully this girl is also a sober person and maybe she's acting as Lohan's sober friend/support buddy 'cause the two were snapped yesterday arriving at an AA meeting.

Keep up the great work Lindsay! You can do great things and be a part of great causes if you keep your shite together.

Body Surfing with Diaz

Cameron Diaz was kicking ass and being the "cool chick" body surfing her way into our athletic hearts last weekend in Malibu.

She's the one you want to hang with, drink beer, play air guitar & just be silly.

I see Diaz crack.

Smells Like...

Peanut butter Power Bars, Degree deodorant & Justin Timberlake's saliva!

Jessica Biel
, Adam Sandler and Kevin James, hit MTV's TRL yesterday to promote I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Trouble in Gisele-Tom Land? Looks Like My Pigeons Could Finally be Pooping on Them!

Bundchen at D&G One perfume launch in NYC.

Model Gisele Bundchen and footballer (American) Tom Brady like to lovey-dovey it up for the cameras but apparently things aren't as La-La-Land as they'd like us to believe which I find sweetly poetic for my girl Bridget Moynahan.

Moynahan, Brady's ex, is super pregnant and due to give birth (it's a boy) THIS FRIDAY(!) which just so happens to be Bundchen's birthday. BAHHHH! You can't make up this shite. I love it!

His family is said to be "set to fly to Italy to spend time at Bundchen's Roman villa" but that certainly doesn't mean things are peachy-keen with everyone.

If someone in my family was having a difficult time in a relationship I still wouldn't pass up a sweet arse vacation. Hell-to-the-no!

Moynahan in Santa Monica 6/27.

Spay & Neuter These Two STAT!

Paris(ite) Hilton spent the weekend hanging with the Hunchback of Malibu...21-year-old Tyler Atkins and is a t-shirt designer. He's a talker too according to the video below in which he details an experience with a famous girl in L.A. with a million dollar home three days after he arrived in the states. Think he's talking about Paris?:

"She's like a full pill-popper ... she brought out these pills and because I was drunk I went, 'Yeah, [bleep] it - I'll just have one. Why not?'" he said.

"And she gave me like four of these pills that were like Vicodin; they were like Rohypnols or something. Heavy, heavy.

"And she drugged me, this famous chick. ... I woke up in her spa bath with her and her best friend. We were in the spa bath, full-on threesome."

"And then I don't remember anything else. I remember waking up at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in between them both ... I couldn't find my clothes in the whole house. [I was] just tripping, just going, 'What did this girl give me?' It was gnarly, eh?"

"I woke up from like banging on the door ... because she had to go to set, and she's meant to be at set at like 3 o'clock and it's just that loose that it's 5 o'clock and they're still passed out.

"I didn't know to open the door or what. I had these sh---y girls' clothes on, just tripping."

"I couldn't find my clothes. I got dropped down on Sunset Blvd. ... I had no minutes left on my phone, so I couldn't call anyone. Looking like a freak in girls' clothes."

** The story is at about 6:50.**

Separate bit: Here's a funny follow-up to the Paris Hilton interview on Larry King Live. After the cameras were off, King asked Hilton about her voting practices:

When did you last vote, King asked according to the insider, who says that Hilton replied, “Last year.”

When King wanted to know which election she voted in, Hilton explained, “Presidential.”

“I guess she forgot there was no presidential election last year,” quipped one amused source. “She was too busy reading the Bible.”

NitBrit Not Strong Enough for Pink's Tunes

P!nk performing at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland 7/15.

While idiotic producers are working on tracks for Britney Spears's new album (does it really have to come?), Pink, one of the coolest and baddest artists out there, says she'd never write a song for NitBrit because she's not enough of a "real singer." SWEET!

“(It’s) not because I don’t like (Spears) — I do think she’s crazy enough to do one of my songs,” Pink said, reports WENN. “But it’s very hard for me to let go of my songs and the only people I write for are real singers — not that she’s not a real singer, but she's more of an entertainer.”

Gotta be able to sing and gotta have more 'tude NitBrit.

“When I mean real singers, I mean the likes of Lauryn Hill, Faith Hill,” she explained. “And I’d write for Amy Winehouse, because you need serious attitude to carry off the dumb stuff I write about.”

VickyB is Funny

Victoria Beckham on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 7/13/07.

Did you catch the Victoria Beckham: Coming to America special last night? Tivo it? No Tivo? It's on again Thursday night but at a later time (maybe 10 pm EST). Don't care? That's cool too.

I've posted a couple of video interviews with VickyB and find her quite funny (much of it is unintentional on her part) and entertaining. Her playful and self-deprecating interviews are such a stark contrast from photos of her looking robotic and bitchy.

-- Click her name link below for past posts including lots of pics and the videos.

The hype from the show will make execs order more. Like I told my husband last night, almost any boring footage can be edited "into funny." VickyB's footage certainly has potential. Unless they used it all last night. *cue tears*

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Funny Couple Forever

Congratulations to Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell who wed in their L.A. home yesterday (Saturday).

- I love this couple. Funny people are my favorite and these two are silly funny.

The Ugly Betty star, 34, and Crossing Jordan stars, 33, were joined by their two dogs, Taco and Better, dressed in black bow ties. This is Romijn's second marriage (first was to John "I was jet-lagged" Stamos) and O'Connell's first.

- Best of luck to you crazy kids!