Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trouble in Gisele-Tom Land? Looks Like My Pigeons Could Finally be Pooping on Them!

Bundchen at D&G One perfume launch in NYC.

Model Gisele Bundchen and footballer (American) Tom Brady like to lovey-dovey it up for the cameras but apparently things aren't as La-La-Land as they'd like us to believe which I find sweetly poetic for my girl Bridget Moynahan.

Moynahan, Brady's ex, is super pregnant and due to give birth (it's a boy) THIS FRIDAY(!) which just so happens to be Bundchen's birthday. BAHHHH! You can't make up this shite. I love it!

His family is said to be "set to fly to Italy to spend time at Bundchen's Roman villa" but that certainly doesn't mean things are peachy-keen with everyone.

If someone in my family was having a difficult time in a relationship I still wouldn't pass up a sweet arse vacation. Hell-to-the-no!

Moynahan in Santa Monica 6/27.


Anonymous said...

I have always loved your posts regarding the Tom/Bridget/Fugly drama. You are on top again this time! Nobody can make up this shite!

Tom will be coaching Bridget, "Breathe, Breathe, Push, Push" "Good job" "Almost there" "Oh..I can see the head". Meanwhile, Gisele is in bed somewhere in the world with someone (Kelly Slater? Josh Hartnett? Leo?) saying those same exact words "Push" "Harder" "Almost" "Oh, the head"!

becks said...

The baby will finally be here, Tom will need to be spending time with him, and this will drive Gisele nuts.

They won't last much longer.

Thanks for the update and thanks for getting your pigeon to poop on them! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love Bridget...wish her the best...how do you know it's a boy?

Anonymous said...

annonymus one: That was very funny!! cracked me up.

All the best to Bridget!

Kim said...

Blogger #1...too funny! Also like the pigeon-poop theory. Also love Bridget and greatly admire the way she has stayed above the frey during this fiasco. Great Mommy material! Good luck Bridget!!