Tuesday, July 17, 2007

NitBrit Not Strong Enough for Pink's Tunes

P!nk performing at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland 7/15.

While idiotic producers are working on tracks for Britney Spears's new album (does it really have to come?), Pink, one of the coolest and baddest artists out there, says she'd never write a song for NitBrit because she's not enough of a "real singer." SWEET!

“(It’s) not because I don’t like (Spears) — I do think she’s crazy enough to do one of my songs,” Pink said, reports WENN. “But it’s very hard for me to let go of my songs and the only people I write for are real singers — not that she’s not a real singer, but she's more of an entertainer.”

Gotta be able to sing and gotta have more 'tude NitBrit.

“When I mean real singers, I mean the likes of Lauryn Hill, Faith Hill,” she explained. “And I’d write for Amy Winehouse, because you need serious attitude to carry off the dumb stuff I write about.”


Anonymous said...

She better not stoop that low!

Anonymous said...

P!nk RULES! Britney has no voice unless she's whispering.