Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Supper Thyme!

Yeah, um, I have an excuse for not blogging today. My sister set up lunch (with brews) and then some fun at Supper Thyme USA™. Girls (& boys), if you haven't tried it, you need too!

Supper Thyme USA's™ gig is "Bringing dinner back to the table™," and as our local Supper Thyme USA™ owner, Jay Eldarini, said, "Supper Thyme USA ™ really cares for families with kids and empty nesters." Singletons and couples are totally welcome. They have vegetarian meals as well (thank you very much).

Eldarini rightly says Supper Thyme USA"saves times and money" while "bringing dinner back to the table™."

My sister and I made 12 (!) meals for her family of five in less than two hours and it would have taken less time had we not brought a jug of beer ('cause we're country ya'all...I kid. No, really, we're not. Seriously. But a jug was present.).

"The basic entrees are designed to feed a family of six. Smaller families and couples can easily split their 12 meals into half-size portions, providing 24 meals." I was so sad after we had prepared nine meals and only had three left. I didn't want the party to end. Owner Jay (wife Randa is co-owner) and Kimberly Douglas were awesome help.

Supper Thyme USA™> has all the ingredients ready and waiting for you. You pick a menu of entrees, follow the simple directions at each meal's work station, bag/container the food, take it all home and freeze it until you're ready, then follow the directions for heating/cooking each meal. Bingo-bongo (!), you and your family have healthy and delicious dinner for 12 days! At less than $3.00 per serving and with such convenience, you can't beat it.

Soooo, I had to blog about it because I want everyone to find a Supper Thyme USA™ near you. If you are anywhere in the Charlotte area, you've got to visit Jay at his Matthews location. Tell him Celebrity Upchuck™ sent ya.

Ya hearrrrrrd.


Anonymous said...

I've been to one too and it is so cool!

Angela said...


And the shrimp was sooooo tasty!