Thursday, August 16, 2007

No Stand-In for Britney

Oh the drama surrounding the ad for Britney Spears' latest perfume Believe (Believe what? That you need help? That you could get things under control with a therapist and many months away from Hollywood? Believe that KFed-Ex could very well end up with the chirren at the rate you're going? What are we to "Believe?").

The New York Post is alleging a body double was used because NitBrit looked a wreck and that they just superimposed her head for the final ad. The comparison below seems to put this issue to rest. Now, can we get on with her 500 other more pressing issues?

I could give a rats arse if it is her or not. All celebs are photoshopped to hell so this isn't surprising in the least. I don't blame her.

I really want to feel for her and sometimes I do...but she is doing nothing to help herself which is why I don't sympathize too much.


melody said...

I agree with you. She has much bigger issues than this.

Anonymous said...

No matter what - this girl needs serious help. She's a disaster.

Anonymous said...

If she would get her shit together she could be Madonna-like (I said like) in that it's more performance than voice. Although, I will say, Madonna has worked very hard at strengthening her voice and she has done a great job. She is much stronger now than in the past.

Britney should really seek help and stop making excuses.