Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Jessica Simpson Conspiracy

Britney's bomb of a performance at the MTV VMA's has been blamed on anything and everything - except for Britney herself (if you're a Brit fan). Stories of the Spears' backstage drama just keep rolling.

I find it all annoying - there are way too many talented people out there to waste all this time, money, and energy on someone who clearly could give a f**k.

I just thought the pic matched the story so I wanted to share.

Britney Spears’ backstage drama Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards included her insistence that she wanted to have brown hair.

But she was overruled by her management team and she wore extensions from Jessica Simpson’s Hair-u-Wear line, Vegas Confidential has learned.

Backstage spies say Spears pitched a fit. She had arranged for her own hair stylist to make the trip for $10,000 and “she wanted to go brown, but her people said ‘no way,’” said a backstage source.

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