Thursday, September 6, 2007

Brit's Confirmed, Bitch!

Here's a Britney Spears promo shot for her upcoming VMA performance in Las Vegas Sunday night.

Ugh. Why is she always trying so hard to be sexy. We know how Britney rolls. I live in the South and she certainly doesn't represent the South. We don't have all of our lady bits hanging out. Of course, in these parts, the majority of us are transplants from elsewhere (San Diego here).

Perhaps in homage to the glittery magic of Las Vegas, Spears consulted with illusionist Criss Angel, star of A&E’s “Mindfreak,” on “some of the moments of the performance,” said Jesse Ignjatovic, the executive producer of this year’s VMAs.

As for what we can expect from Ms. Spears, Ignjatovic wouldn’t give up the goods, but promised fans would be thrilled.

“You can expect the things we want and expect from Britney - that will all be there,” he said. “What I’ve seen of it is great. She’ll be dancing, performing, doing her thing. That’s exactly what we all want. Fans that are familiar with her performance on previous VMAs will not be disappointed.”

Wish you luck, bitch!
Wait, not done...all of this makes me want to look at this gem of a video again. Enjoy!

Britney's Having A Breakdown! Episode 1

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