Sunday, September 2, 2007

Road to Recovery

Many of us have wondered how actor Owen Wilson is doing since his suicide attempt less than a week ago and People is reporting he is now back at home under 24-hr watch.

"Owen is in bad mental shape but said he is thankful to be alive," says a source close to the actor, who had returned to his Santa Monica home on Saturday. "He knows he came close to ending his life, and he is happy that he was saved from himself. He is basically at home with people watching him 24/7."

It was August 26 when he reportedly slashed his wrists and may have taken excessive amounts of drugs in an attempt to end his life.

Hope he gets all the help he needs. Heroin and cocaine are no joke people (amongst many others). They'll destroy your self-worth and end your life (in one way or another).

There are many organizations ready to help you. Here is one.

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