Monday, September 3, 2007

You can do it Owen

--click pic for a closer look.--

Here is our first look at Owen Wilson post-suicide attempt. Yesterday I blogged Wilson had returned home from the hospital after trying to commit suicide on August 26th. I don't see bandages and I don't see any slash marks or scarring on his wrists. Could it have been solely a drug overdose?

I truly feel for the guy - despite this post six days before the attempted suicide. How was I to know he was in so much trouble?

Owen, stand strong man. Take all the time you need to get well. Movies can wait. Idiotic bloggers can wait. Your health is of the utmost importance and you can find happiness.


Anonymous said...

Owen is the best! You can do it Hansel!

Anonymous said...

Stand strong Owen. Your fans support your recovery. You can do it man.