Monday, August 20, 2007

Someone's Shootin' Daggers

Actor Dax Shepard is shooting major daggers at a) Kate Hudson's ex-hubby, rocker Chris Robinson...or b) Kate's last boyfriend, actor Owen Wilson?

Don't take the fun out of it by telling me it's just the timing of the photo - that he's not shooting anyone a "look." I prefer to think of him sending Owen a message like, "Foolio, you let this vajayjay go. This poon is mine now. Who's the dumbass? Buwahahahahaaaa!"

Kate is currently filming Bachelor No.2 and the new couple took a break in Boston to go for a walk/ride with Kate's son Ryder.


casey said...

Love it! LOL

Anonymous said...

She needs another great movie like Almost Famous. She was fantastic in that one.