Sunday, August 19, 2007

Save Christina's Necklaces!

They're about to get lost in her ever-growing boobage! Christina Aguilera was snapped yesterday looking like a hot mama-to-be (too much make-up in my humble opinion) with boobs that even Salma Hayek would be proud of.

Change of subject: LOVE her necklaces.

Speaking of Salma, did you see this pic earlier this week? Someone's due soon!

The two thumbnails can be clicked on to see in high resolution.


Anonymous said...

Xtina is such a pretty girl she should just lay off the make-up. Aren't there make-up artists who can stylize someone without caking it on?

Anonymous said...

Salma's looking huge. A normal pregnant lady. Good to see.

leah said...

Xtina must have on a really good bra. I agree about the make up.

Salma looks uncomfrtable!