Saturday, August 25, 2007

Braxton with Breast Cancer?

The National Inquirer (I know. But sometimes they're right!) is reporting singer Toni Braxton is secretly undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago.

TNI claims she chose not to disclose her cancer fight to the public after doctors told her they had caught the disease early enough. She is reportedly receiving an iron infusion into her twice a week to combat fatigue caused by her chemotherapy thereby enabling her to continue her Toni Braxton: Revealed show at the Flamingo hotel and casino.

A family source tells the publication, "Toni is a fighter. She initially thought the worst, but doctors assured her the prognosis for her breast cancer is excellent. She still has moments when she gets upset and she may cry a little bit - but those moments don't last long."

Braxton, 40, a six-time Grammy winner and mother of two boys (her 4-yr-old is autistic), has fought bankruptcy and a diagnoses of pericarditis (a heart condition) in 2002 after passing out backstage during a performance of Aida on Broadway. She initially thought there was a problem with her silicone breast implants but it turned out to be breast cancer.

Hang in there Toni! Keep up the good fight!

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