Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aguilera's Bump is Growing

In case there was any doubt Christina Aguilera is pregnant, I present to you - EXHIBIT A:

It was clear to me months ago (EXHIBIT B) but some of you still thought she was just bloated from extra chips-n-guac, her period, or something.

She looked fantastic as she shopped for her pregnant self yesterday.

Click all pics to get up close and personal.


tina said...

Good picture! Nobody can argue she's pregnant.

bree said...

So excited for her. Talk about a young artist being smart, mature and responsible. She had/has the best voice and she has the best head on her shoulders. Good for her.

casey said...

She looks great. You can totally see her growing baby now. Cute!

Angela said...

All I can say is "I WISH I HAD THE TIME TO F***ING SHOP!" Oh, wait, I have 3 kids.