Friday, August 24, 2007

82 Minutes = Time Served for Nicole F**king Richie

I just can't even handle this shite anymore. It's what makes me stop blogging about these fu*kheads. But here it is...

Nicole Richie was sentenced to four days in jail for "driving the wrong way on an L.A. freeway while under the influence" (vicodin and weed) and Thursday she spent 82 minutes in jail (let's be real, that time was spent booking her...she wasn't "locked up")...82 effing minutes!

She checked in at 3:15pm and was out by 4:37pm. How damn smug does she look in her mugshot? Apparently she was given credit for 1 day because she spent 6 hours in jail after her arrest.

The County Sheriff issued this statement:

On August 23 2007, at 3:15 PM Miss Nicole Camille Richie reported to CRDF and surrendered herself following a July 27 arrest, she was sentenced to serve 96 hours in County Jail. Miss Richie was accompanied by her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley and her boyfriend Joel Madden. Miss Richie was booked and processed into the jail system. Miss Richie was cooperative during the process. Based on her sentence and federal court guidelines, Miss Richie was released at 4:37 PM today.

This is justice? This is supposed to teach her a lesson?...teach the young girls out there who look up to her (however erroneous) there are consequences for your actions? COME ON!

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden 1&1/2 hrs before serving her dreadful sentence.

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Anonymous said...

What a joke. Can't believe she's having a kid too. She has no business trying to raise a responsible and productive citizen right now.