Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Attention French Upchuckers!

The man above, Hans Peterson, has confessed to the October 24th (2006) murder of Dr. David Cornbleet in Chicao, Illinois, USA. After the murder, he fled to St. Martin until confessing to the murder last month.

Between the time of the murder and his arrest, Peterson filed for (and was granted) French citizenship - clearly because France isn't known for extraditing "its citizens" to countries with death penalties. France considers him a citizen since birth because his mom is/was French.

Please check out WWW.DRCORNBLEET.COM &/or Friends of Dr. David Cornbleet for more information. After that, please tell all of your family and friend to contact your elected officials and tell them you do not want France to be a safe haven for criminals. Implore them to send Hans Peterson to America to stand trial.

He has killed once. Do you want him to do it again in France?


Anonymous said...

Send him back to America!

Anonymous said...

Off with his head!