Thursday, September 6, 2007

Membership in the Brangelina Club has its privileges

Brad Pitt took little Maddox (mom is Angelina Jolie...duh.) to Tuesday night's New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners game and Maddox left a bigger winner than he already is.

Pitt took the five-year-old to Yankees Stadium as a belated birthday gift. Not only did they hang out with Spike Lee and his son Jackson, but Maddox received a special visit from star player Derek Jeter who strolled over to his seating area and offered him a signed bat and ball.

I know grown men who would KILL not only for the ball and bat - but especially the personal visit from Jeter! Maddox just keeps on winning. I hope Jeter didn't leave Jackson out - that would suck royally for him.

Brad & Mad left in the seventh inning and the Yankees went on to beat the Mariners 12-3.

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