Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bitchy and Selfish?...Ya don't say!

Jessica Simpson attended a party last night for her new stylist, Britt Bardo (Drag queen anyone?), and apparently she considered herself the guest of honor.

Blondie commandeered the entire balcony and while she danced and chatted - her "tools" prevented other party guests from stepping onto the balcony. A lot of the guests were so pissed they just left.

And Simpson gave us all this wonderful insight: "I get to be here as a fashionista. I get to come as someone who has made a product that people like," she said referring to her successful shoe line. "I want to wear heels all the time and the fact that my shoes are doing the numbers that they are doing means everyone wants to wear heels all the time, too."

Pics below are of Simpson leaving her hotel for an afternoon of funzies Wednesday.

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