Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Naughty Jude

Jude Law is a violent little bugger! Looks like he got a bit pushy with the razzi near his west London home:

"I was at a bus stop near Jude's house but I wasn't taking pictures of him. My camera was still in the bag.

"He was by himself when he recognised me and started accusing me of being a paedophile and that all I wanted to do was take pictures of his children.

"He then punched me in the face and started kicking me. I was shocked at his behaviour. You would expect that sort of behaviour from a yob, not from a big Hollywood actor."

Law turned himself in, was booked, fingerprinted and released pending his court date next month.

As crazy as the razzi can be, these people signed up for this crap. It's not like these celebs can say, "I didn't know being an actor/celebrity would be so crazy" when we all see how insane it is every day. Can't play stupid ya foolio.

That being said, I'd blow up on the razzi at least a few times. You can count on that.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't liked him in a while. He's another one of those who needs a really good role to be respected again.