Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pavarotti is on his way out...

Luciano Pavarotti is unconscious, his kidneys have stopped working, and the legendary tenor is in "very grave" condition at his home.

Pavarotti, 71, was recently released home from the hospital after a two week stay where a multitude of tests failed to explain his current condition although we already know he has been fighting pancreatic cancer for a good while (he had surgery to remove a pacreatic tumor in 2006).

Best wishes to the big guy. I love hearing him sing. Absolutely fabulous.

UPDATE: Luciano Pavarotti died in his native Modena Thursday morning at 5 a.m. His manager Terri Robinson issued a statement including:

"In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness," Robson said.

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