Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lock Your Drug & Liquor Cabinets...Britney Will Be On the Loose Soon

Reports are that BritBrit will be released from rehab this week. TMZ sources say she has made an incredible turnaround and she and KFed-Ex will be sharing custody of the children, 50/50, until BritBrit shows how grounded she is and can handle things...then she'll get primary custody and Kevin will have visitation rights.

Sorry, I don't think we've seen that last of her drugging-alcoholic ways. It's one thing to stay clean in rehab - a whole other to do it on the outside. Good luck sweety. Really.


WindWhisperer said...

I hope she can do it too. She's done some nutty stuff over the last while, but as long as she steers clear of what she knows is trouble, she'll make it.

that's me said...

GOOD LUCK Britney - you're gonna need it girl!

prep said...

Oh no - can she really be ready?