Friday, March 2, 2007

Ann Coulter Likes Horse Dong

This woman is a complete disgrace and an abuser of the First Amendment. B*tch just called John Edwads a "faggot" at the Conservative Political Action Conference so -- the crowd let out some 'ohsss' then clapped (WTF?). I thought I would share with you some more of her anti-social and antagnostic quotes - thanks to Washington woman is asking to be shot...I'm just saying. But FIRST, I bestow upon you - a letter from Henry Rollins to Coulter: WARNING, the 'F-word' is used a couple times at the end.

And now, a few of Horse-Dong-Lover's quotes:

"God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees. God said, 'Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours.'"---Hannity & Colmes, 6/20/01

The "backbone of the Democratic Party" is a "typical fat, implacable welfare recipient"---syndicated column 10/29/99

To a disabled Vietnam vet: "People like you caused us to lose that war."---MSNBC

"I think [women] should be armed but should not [be allowed to] vote."
---Politically Incorrect, 2/26/01

"I think we had enough laws about the turn-of-the-century. We don't need any more." Asked how far back would she go to repeal laws, she replied, "Well, before the New Deal...[The Emancipation Proclamation] would be a good start."---Politically Incorrect 5/7/97

"Anorexics never have boyfriends. ... That's one way to know you don't have anorexia, if you have a boyfriend."---Politically Incorrect 7/21/97

"The thing I like about Bush is I think he hates liberals."---Washington Post 8/1/00

"You want to be careful not to become just a blowhard."---Washington Post 10/16/98 POT. KETTLE. BLACK.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to put her in an electric chair and flip the switch - pronto.

Anonymous said...

What a flippin' idiot that woman.

Love the Rollins letter!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to SMACK HER!

FL said...

She makes my blood boil - which is her intention every time she opens her mouth..just wants to piss off people.

Anonymous said...

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