Saturday, March 3, 2007

Brittany Murphy Engaged Again?

Is Brittany Murphy engaged, getting engaged again, or already married? Can't find any info on her getting married. This dude looks like he can only be a sugar daddy 'cause I get the heebeejeebees looking at him with her. Murphy and "Creepy Dude" were snapped checking out rings at David Yurman's. -- This would be her 3rd engagement or first marraige. Her first engagement was to talent manager Jefff Kwatinetz in 2004 - that ended - and she became engaged to Joe Macaluso in December 2005 but that ended last August. -- Click to enlarge the one of them facing forward...has she gone Lara Flynn-Boyle on us with her lips?! And what's with the stain near her va-jay-jay?!

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France Friend said...

It totally looks like she did collagen or whatever they use. Yuck. Wonder when the engagement announcement will come along!

Thanks for the scoop & pics!