Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Does this surprise anyone?

We all know Pamela Anderson is a class act, but this makes her even classier. The classiest of classy ladies. For realzies.

Pam and Kid Rock were together last year and were married for a record of 4 months (that's not a record? My bad.). Apparently she was pissed that Kid wouldn't visit her on the set of her movie filming in Vancouver and she told him she had just had a miscarriage. SEE! Class personifide!

“She’s in Vancouver shooting a movie and I have Lakers seats on the floor, and I’m gonna go to the Lakers (basketball) game with my friend Jesse James,” the 36-year-old rapper says.

“I’m like, `Baby, I got these tickets. I’ll see you on the weekend there,’ and that leads into her saying, `You don’t care about me, blah blah blah,’” Rock says. “She finally comes up with this: `I just had a miscarriage’ … and hangs the phone up.”

Rock, claiming he was unaware that Anderson was pregnant, says he chartered a plane and flew to Vancouver. “When I get there, she’s partying at this restaurant, drinking champagne, jumping on the tables. I’m thinking, `That’s a quick recovery from a miscarriage.’”

Don't get me wrong, Kid is Mr. Classy himself - but this realllllly takes the cake. Cake laced in crack if you ask me.


lili said...

Pamela Anderson is a nasty skank who doesn't care to set a good example for her sons when it comes to healthy relationships. Those boys are doomed.

Alica said...

hey type in alisa-celebkids on google and check out the blog tell me what you think